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@ -62,7 +62,18 @@ While the project is in early development, meli will only be developed for the
linux kernel and respected linux distributions. Support for more UNIX-like OSes
is on the roadmap.
# Building in Debian
## Features
Some functionality is held behind "feature gates", or compile-time flags. The following list explains each feature's purpose:
- `notmuch` provides support for using a notmuch database as a mail backend
- `jmap` provides support for connecting to a jmap server and use it as a mail backend
- `sqlite3` provides support for builting fast search indexes in local sqlite3 databases
- `cli-docs` includes the manpage documentation compiled by either `mandoc` or `man` binary to plain text in `meli`'s command line. Embedded documentation can be viewed with the subcommand `meli man [PAGE]`
- `svgscreenshot` provides support for taking screenshots of the current view of meli and saving it as SVG files. Its only purpose is taking screenshots for the official meli webpage.
- `debug-tracing` enables various trace debug logs from various places around the meli code base. The trace log is printed in `stderr`.
## Building in Debian
Building with Debian's packaged cargo might require the installation of these
two packages: `librust-openssl-sys-dev librust-libdbus-sys-dev`