• Pre-Release alpha-0.7.0 978939d8e3


    epilys released this 2 years ago | 181 commits to master since this release


    Notable changes:

    • add import command to import email from files into accounts
    • add add-attachment-file-picker command and file_picker_command setting to
      use external commands to choose files when composing new mail
    • ask confirm for delete
    • add export-mbox command
    • add export-mail command
    • add TLS support with nntp
    • add JMAP watch with polling
    • add reload-config command
    • add import-mail command
    • imap: implement gmail XOAUTH2 authentication method
    • imap: implement OAUTH2 authentication
    • compose: treat inline message/rfc822 as attachments
    • add gpg support via libgpgme


    • Loading notmuch library on macos
    • Limit dbus dependency to target_os = "linux"
    • IMAP, notmuch, mbox backends: various performance fixes
  • Pre-Release alpha-0.6.2 6ccb4e9544


    epilys released this 3 years ago | 420 commits to master since this release


    • Add customizable mailbox tree in sidebar
    • Make dbus dependency opt-out (feature is dbus-notifications)
    • Implemented JMAP async, search, tagging, syncing
    • Preserve account order from configuration file
    • Implemented IMAP CONDSTORE support for IMAP cache
    • Add timeout setting for IMAP
    • Implement TCP keepalive for IMAP
    • Rewrote email address parsers.
    • Implement copy_messages for maildir
    • Implement selection with motions


    • Fixed various problems with IMAP cache
    • Fixed various problems with IMAP message counts
    • Fixed various problems with IMAP connection hanging
    • Fixed IMAP not reconnecting on dropped IDLE connections
    • Fixed various problems with notmuch backend
  • Pre-Release alpha-0.6.1 e8a98f87e3


    epilys released this 3 years ago | 578 commits to master since this release


    • added experimental NNTP backend
    • added server extension support and use in account status tab


    • imap: fixed IDLE connection getting stuck when using DEFLATE
  • Pre-Release alpha-0.6.0 93d9c195cc


    epilys released this 3 years ago | 588 commits to master since this release

    • Add select command to select threads that match search query

    • Add support for mass copying/deleting/flagging/moving of messages

    • IMAP: add support for COMPRESS=DEFLATE and others
      Extension use can be configured with individual flags such as use_deflate

    • Rename EXECUTE mode to COMMAND

    • add async IMAP backend

    • add in-app SMTP support

    • ui: Show decoded source by default when viewing an Envelope's source

    • ui: Add search in pagers

    • Add managesieve REPL binary for managesieve script management

    • imap: add server_password_command

    • configuration: Add per-folder and per-account configuration overrides.
      e.g. accounts."imap.domain.tld".mailboxes."INBOX".index_style = "plain"

      The selection is done for a specific field as follows:

      if per-folder override is defined, return per-folder override
        else if per-account override is defined, return per-account override
          else return global setting field value.
    • themes: Add Italics, Blink, Dim and Hidden text attributes

    • ui: recognize readline shortcuts in Execute mode

    • ui: hopefully smarter auto-completion in Execute mode

    • demo NNTP python plugin

    • ui: add auto_choose_multipart_alternative: Choose text/html alternative if text/plain is empty in multipart/alternative attachments.

    • ui: custom date format strings

    • ui: manual refresh for mailbox view

    • ui: create mailbox command

    • fs autocomplete

    • ui: add support for NO_COLOR

    • enhanced, portable Makefile

    • added Debian packaging

    • added default_header_values: default header values used when creating a new draft

    • ui: switch between sidebar and mailbox view with {left,right} keys for more intuitive navigation

    • ui: add optional filter query for each mailbox view to view only the matching subset of messages (for example, you can hide all seen envelopes with filter = "not flags:seen"

    • Replace any use of 'folder' with 'mailbox' in user configuration

    • Load libnotmuch dynamically

    • Launch all user shell commands with sh -c "..."

    • notmuch: add support for multiple accounts on same notmuch db

  • Pre-Release alpha-0.5.1 0ebad39b50


    epilys released this 3 years ago | 912 commits to master since this release

  • Pre-Release alpha-0.5.0 548c9f4ac3


    epilys released this 3 years ago | 947 commits to master since this release

  • Pre-Release alpha-0.4.1 40e928dad3


    epilys released this 3 years ago | 1078 commits to master since this release


    • a130871 0eaf178 f632bc4 c6f1fa9 dab9b39 fdb42cf 258b6c8 melib: add tags() method in MailBackend
    • b54bd6d ui: pass search to libnotmuch for notmuch accounts
    • 3ae4381 ui: user-configured colors for tags in mail listings
    • 49dccb9 bin: add notmuch feature compile flag
    • 4048eab ui/conf: Add include file macro to configuration
    • ba52c59 bin: add backend specific validation functions for --test-config flag
    • 81b7195 ui: add Ctrl-* Alt-* and F1..F12 parsers and tests
    • afff63c ui: load vcards to addressbook with vcard_folder account setting
    • 6893276 melib/vcard: add parser for vcard files
    • 9a516e0 ui/text_editing: add Ctrl-{f,b,u} readline shortcuts

    Small fixes and improvements:

    • 46a807e melib: remove control characters from subject
    • d376f83 ui/conversations: fix padding left unpainted
    • d048d85 ui: add format=flowed if text/plain att is the only one
    • c431fb6 ui: use BoundsIterator in clear_area
    • 9d8d3e0 melib: remove unused methods from BackendOp
    • 3a3b815 ui/accounts: add save_special method for mail
    • a059e4a melib: add summary field to MeliError
    • 16ccff0 ui: add RowIterator and BoundsIterator for CellBuffer
    • 6653357 melib/notmuch: fix compilation errors
    • 0b845a0 Small fixes
    • d4f20b0 Fix Raw envelope view starting one line line earlier
    • bb486ca melib: Remove quotes from addresses in email/parser.rs
    • 3dfb2f4 melib: fix out-of-bounds parser bug
    • 15348fb meli.1: add contacts doc
    • 8a17eee ui/compose: don't save sent mail with Draft flag
    • 58209d6 Replace some panics with errors
    • 4677f9c melib/imap: initialise uid_store folders in folders()
    • 2199726 Retidy shortcuts
  • pre-alpha-0.4.0

    epilys released this 3 years ago | 1124 commits to master since this release

    See manpages for how to use the new features.
    (Probably) most important changes:

    • 77936e0 melib: add notmuch backend
    • dce1c39 ui: add mailcap support
    • 99697a8 ui: Add search for IMAP
    • 3af6f33 add sqlite3 indexes for full-text-search
    • 599bda9 ui: option to embed editor in composing tab
    • b25f10f conf: add a light theme option
    • 51bb50a Add support for aarch64 target

    Various others:

    • db197aa ui/MailView: implement headers_sticky option
    • af365fa Set 600 perm mode to all created files
    • 874a252 ui: add periodic account connectivity check
    • 12e4258 conf: add * glob expansion to subscribed_folders field
    • eecec55 Display watch thread errors to user
    • 3d3ead0 bin: add --test-config flag
    • 678889d ui/threadview: add toggle_show_thread shortcut
    • 501f1a0 pager: add minimum_width and split_lines_reflow
    • 022e1f4 ui/pager: reflow on resize
    • ce646ab ui: add send confirmation dialog in compose tab
    • 590619d ui/compose: remove thread view in reply composer
    • 094ce7e Add format_flowed option for composing e-mail
    • 94152f7 ui: add multiplier shortcuts to cursor movements
    • c9c4e1e ui/sqlite3: add has:attachment query
    • 35e34d1 ui: add "is:" alias for "flags:" query
    • 6ce8866 ui/sqlite3: add flag query support
    • 06d99c7 ui: Add save attachment command
    • 1bd3439 ui: add horizontal scrolling in pager
    • e600b02 text_processing: add line_break method
    • 0989820 ui/conversations: show all participating addresses in entry
    • 36eccdf Add search documentation
    • 74672f0 ui: Add CacheType option in configuration
    • e396b2f ui: add query translation to SQL SELECTs
    • 61fa6d3 ui: show supported IMAP CAPABILITIES list in Status
    • d780d81 Add account statuses in Status tab
    • 6b5ed25 Add history browse option in execute bar
    • 0566937 imap: reconnect if connection timed out
    • a9425be ui/contacts: add side-menu, remove accounts tab
    • ce11447 Add information about building on debian systems
    • c64ce58 ui/accounts: show totals in account tab
    • e5b6faf Add account online status
    • 5beed91 contacts: add support for externally managed contacts
    • cfe6138 melib: add VCard parsing for contacts
    • 6f816d2 conf: add ascii_drawing option
    • ee9ffff bin: C-L issues manual redraw
    • 37a4b55 ui: ask user if they want to reply or reply to all in mailing lists
  • pre-alpha-0.3.2

    epilys released this 4 years ago | 1287 commits to master since this release


    • e35a933 Add GPG signing and sig verifying
    • 963fdd1 Add Cargo.lock
    • 5a262f3 maildir: check for already moved mail before moving from new/ to cur/
    • 2501296 Decode attachment names if need be
    • 19ec6e5 Don't show notification for seen or draft Envelopes
    • d8ada69 compose: don't lose draft if Draft folder isn't available;
      instead save it somewhere else
    • d44a68e ui: don't quit if editing a draft
    • 713c4f7 conf: add editor_cmd setting
    • 9d69a06 melib: add shell variable etc expansion in paths
  • pre-alpha-0.3.1

    epilys released this 4 years ago | 1302 commits to master since this release

    - 8c78f11 Add info about debug logs in README and Cargo.toml
    - ef338f3 ui: add PGP settings in configuration
    - c44056a melib: fix bug in parser::parts
    - 6d40a57 ui: scroll in shortcuts panel
    - f27b815 Add verification of GPG signed messages
    - 9305e54 melib: add a `body` field to Attachment
    - 5a53020 Add debug-tracing feature to all crates
    - 26e4d50 Try to save sent messages elsewhere if Sent folder fails
    - 415fb24 ui: display status bar messages for 5 seconds
    - b07db29 ui: add timer tick every 300ms
    - d007ef7 testing: add server_port to IMAP shell app, imapconn
    - ee82ae1 imap: add support for imaps connections
    - 9563007 Turn off debug tracing prints in stderr by default
    - 6e75160 melib: turn unicode algos and backends into features
    - f066f35 melib: add get_tags to support subaddressing
    - 7fe6532 ui: add log on child waiting error
    - 93de60b maildir: allow Maildir stores as root_folder
    - fb7b038 ui: add set_seen shortcut in {Compact,Conversation}
    - fada0ff ui: use ThreadNode instead of Envelope to print entries in ConversationsListing
    - 146acb7 ui: check account conf for index style in listing.rs
    - 8287181 ui: return valid values in ListingTrait::coordinates
    - fe28e84 ui: send update event on folders even on no notification
    - 7dc3efa imap: allow conn to be offline and retry on demand
    - b98ce88 melib: fix wrong validation in Maildir save()