• pre-alpha-0.3.2

    epilys 2 weeks ago 20 commits to master since this release


    • e35a933 Add GPG signing and sig verifying
    • 963fdd1 Add Cargo.lock
    • 5a262f3 maildir: check for already moved mail before moving from new/ to cur/
    • 2501296 Decode attachment names if need be
    • 19ec6e5 Don’t show notification for seen or draft Envelopes
    • d8ada69 compose: don’t lose draft if Draft folder isn’t available; instead save it somewhere else
    • d44a68e ui: don’t quit if editing a draft
    • 713c4f7 conf: add editor_cmd setting
    • 9d69a06 melib: add shell variable etc expansion in paths
  • pre-alpha-0.3.1

    epilys 2 weeks ago 35 commits to master since this release

    - 8c78f11 Add info about debug logs in README and Cargo.toml
    - ef338f3 ui: add PGP settings in configuration
    - c44056a melib: fix bug in parser::parts
    - 6d40a57 ui: scroll in shortcuts panel
    - f27b815 Add verification of GPG signed messages
    - 9305e54 melib: add a `body` field to Attachment
    - 5a53020 Add debug-tracing feature to all crates
    - 26e4d50 Try to save sent messages elsewhere if Sent folder fails
    - 415fb24 ui: display status bar messages for 5 seconds
    - b07db29 ui: add timer tick every 300ms
    - d007ef7 testing: add server_port to IMAP shell app, imapconn
    - ee82ae1 imap: add support for imaps connections
    - 9563007 Turn off debug tracing prints in stderr by default
    - 6e75160 melib: turn unicode algos and backends into features
    - f066f35 melib: add get_tags to support subaddressing
    - 7fe6532 ui: add log on child waiting error
    - 93de60b maildir: allow Maildir stores as root_folder
    - fb7b038 ui: add set_seen shortcut in {Compact,Conversation}
    - fada0ff ui: use ThreadNode instead of Envelope to print entries in ConversationsListing
    - 146acb7 ui: check account conf for index style in
    - 8287181 ui: return valid values in ListingTrait::coordinates
    - fe28e84 ui: send update event on folders even on no notification
    - 7dc3efa imap: allow conn to be offline and retry on demand
    - b98ce88 melib: fix wrong validation in Maildir save()
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