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bees ogDescription
What if bees lived in your socks? Quick start tutorial and reference manual

Quick start tutorial

Follow the installation instructions in the README.

Launch meli{.Nm .shake-little} with no arguments, and you will be asked if you want to create a sample configuration.

The sample configuration (created by default in ~/.config/meli/config.toml{.Pa}) includes comments with the basic settings required for setting up accounts allowing you to copy and edit right away. See meli.conf(5) for the available configuration options.

The main screen when you launch meli{.Nm .shake-little} is the INBOX of the first account you have configured.

  • With J / K you can select the next/previous folder. (To go to a specific one directly, press Space and type the command go n{.Cm} where n is the number of the folder)
  • With h / l you can select the next/previous account.
  • Use the arrow keys to browse entries in the e-mail list of a folder. (Along with Home / End / PgUp / PgDn)
  • Use Enter to open an entry and i to exit it.
  • Use m to start writing new e-mail. (or R to reply to the entry you're currently viewing)
  • Use the arrow keys to edit each field of the e-mail.
  • Attachments can be added by pressing Space and typing the command add-attachment{.Cm} PATH{.Pa} where PATH{.Pa} is the filesystem path of the attachment file.
  • Edit the draft body at eny time by pressing e
  • Send your e-mail by pressing s
  • Discard or save your draft by pressing Space and typing the command close{.Cm}

At any time, you can press ? to show a list of all available actions and shortcuts, along with every possible setting and command that your version supports.

Press T to cycle between tabs or Alt + 1 ... 9 to choose.

Press q to exit.