🐝 I really like where this mua is(was?) headed, but it seems as though there has not been much activity recently.
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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.



  • Add import command to import email from files into accounts
  • Add add-attachment-file-picker command and file_picker_command setting to use external commands to choose files when composing new mail

alpha-0.6.2 - 2020-09-24


  • Add customizable mailbox tree in sidebar
  • Make dbus dependency opt-out (feature is dbus-notifications)
  • Implemented JMAP async, search, tagging, syncing
  • Preserve account order from configuration file
  • Implemented IMAP CONDSTORE support for IMAP cache
  • Add timeout setting for IMAP
  • Implement TCP keepalive for IMAP
  • Rewrote email address parsers.
  • Implement copy_messages for maildir
  • Implement selection with motions


  • Fixed various problems with IMAP cache
  • Fixed various problems with IMAP message counts
  • Fixed various problems with IMAP connection hanging
  • Fixed IMAP not reconnecting on dropped IDLE connections
  • Fixed various problems with notmuch backend

alpha-0.6.1 - 2020-08-02


  • added experimental NNTP backend
  • added server extension support and use in account status tab


  • imap: fixed IDLE connection getting stuck when using DEFLATE

alpha-0.6.0 - 2020-07-29


  • Add select command to select threads that match search query

  • Add support for mass copying/deleting/flagging/moving of messages

  • IMAP: add support for COMPRESS=DEFLATE and others Extension use can be configured with individual flags such as use_deflate

  • Rename EXECUTE mode to COMMAND

  • add async IMAP backend

  • add in-app SMTP support

  • ui: Show decoded source by default when viewing an Envelope's source

  • ui: Add search in pagers

  • Add managesieve REPL binary for managesieve script management

  • imap: add server_password_command

  • configuration: Add per-folder and per-account configuration overrides. e.g. accounts."imap.domain.tld".mailboxes."INBOX".index_style = "plain"

    The selection is done for a specific field as follows:

    if per-folder override is defined, return per-folder override
      else if per-account override is defined, return per-account override
        else return global setting field value.
  • themes: Add Italics, Blink, Dim and Hidden text attributes

  • ui: recognize readline shortcuts in Execute mode

  • ui: hopefully smarter auto-completion in Execute mode

  • demo NNTP python plugin

  • ui: add auto_choose_multipart_alternative: Choose text/html alternative if text/plain is empty in multipart/alternative attachments.

  • ui: custom date format strings

  • ui: manual refresh for mailbox view

  • ui: create mailbox command

  • fs autocomplete

  • ui: add support for NO_COLOR

  • enhanced, portable Makefile

  • added Debian packaging

  • added default_header_values: default header values used when creating a new draft

  • ui: switch between sidebar and mailbox view with {left,right} keys for more intuitive navigation

  • ui: add optional filter query for each mailbox view to view only the matching subset of messages (for example, you can hide all seen envelopes with filter = "not flags:seen"


  • Replace any use of 'folder' with 'mailbox' in user configuration
  • Load libnotmuch dynamically
  • Launch all user shell commands with sh -c "..."


  • notmuch: add support for multiple accounts on same notmuch db

alpha-0.5.1 - 2020-02-09


  • Added in-terminal floating notifications with history
  • Added mailbox creation/deletion commands in IMAP accounts
  • Added cli-docs compile time feature: Optionally build manpages to text with mandoc and print them from the command line.
  • Added new theme keys