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From: MHammond at (Mark Hammond)
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 10:15:05 +1000
Subject: permissions on win32 [Q]
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Bruno Mattarollo wrote in message
<002401be8c03$4f21d380$6eba0ac8 at>...
>Thanks Mark...
> All this is supposed to run on sunday and it's Mission Critical, so I
>presume wiill be doing it by hand, but anyway thanks. I am looking forward
>to be able to do this on NT... :-)
> FYI we will be running another mission critical process on Sunday and it
>will be a small Python app that will run on NT ... I love Python ... :-)
Actually, overnight I thought of a different solution you could use - use a
"template file".
Although the help file omits this information, you could use
"win32security.GetFileSecurity()", and name a file that has the permissions
you wish to "copy". This will give you a SECURITY_DESCRIPTOR object. Once
you have the object, you can even manipulate the contents - the only thing
missing from 124 was the ability to create a brand-new, empty
SECURITY_DESCRIPTOR - all the functionality to manipulate them is there....