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From: tismer at (Christian Tismer)
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 20:45:44 GMT
Subject: pythonw.exe doesn't work
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Ken Power wrote:
> Another windows problem. Python scripts won't run on my system
> (when I do the double-click scenario). I'm using Python 1.5.2 on
> win95b. The .py and .pyw extension is associated with pythonw.exe, but
> they don't appear to work. Also, double-clicking pythonw.exe doesn't
> accomplish anyhting. Any clues, hints?
The association of Pythonw.exe with the .py extension is wrong.
Pythonw is a Python without a console, so it most probably
does what it should do: execute a script and vanish.
You should change the .py association back to python.exe .
Pythonw is there for running COM server processes, applications
which create their own windows, and so on.
ciao - chris
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