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From: ppessi at (Pekka Pessi)
Date: 18 Apr 1999 23:41:16 +0300
Subject: SNMPy update
References: <7e1hiq$a71$1@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM> <7ear25$ksf$> <>
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Jeremy Hylton <jeremy at> writes:
>I'll second your sentiment! I did some work on an X.509 library
>written entirely in Python. Like you friend's SNMP code, it will
>probably never be released; I don't have time to finish it nor did I
>expect that I'd want to release it given the export control hassles.
>However, it seemed clear to me that an ASN.1 compiler could be written
>to generate the encode/decode routines. If someone is interested in
>that, I've got some design notes and rough code on how to do the
>encode/decode and on how to build a backend for SNACC. (A free-ish
>ASN.1 compiler; the only one?)
There certainly are other free ASN.1 compilers; however, they tend
to be a bit incomplete.
I have written BER, CER, DER, and a bit incomplete PER
decoding/encoding classes in pure Python. Based on them, I've
written LDAP client and server libraries in Python. However, as they
are developed on the company time, I'd have to talk with my boss in
order to release them.
I'd certainly be interested in a SNACC backend generating Python.
Pekka.Pessi at