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From: robin at (Robin Dunn)
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 19:33:00 -0700
Subject: Looking for db.h - its not in the 1.5.2 source kit
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You can find the Berkeley DB library at, you'll
need to build this first, and then you can build the bsddb Python module.
(You'll first need to change db.h to db_185.h in bsddbmodule.c)
For a more complete wrapping of the Berkeley DB library, see my Starship
page, (Although it may not
be entirly compatible with the latest DB release. It's been a while since
I've updated my copy.)
Robin Dunn
robin at Check it out!
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Barry Scott wrote in message
<924903339.24130.0.nnrp-10.9e982a40 at>...
>Can anyone point me at a copy of db.h that is required to build bsddb
>module please? Its missing from the final release 1.5.2 kit.
> BArry