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From: tim_one at (Tim Peters)
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 20:42:51 GMT
Subject: Python Chip
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[Martijn Faassen]
> Hi everybody,
> For those who are still anxiously itching to get their hands on a Python
> machine, this was of course an April Fool's joke. :)
Oh, *now* you tell me, just hours before we were to tape out final silicon!
Wonder whether I can get my money back.
> You can now all come to destroy me now. (any other jokes in this
> newsgroup which I missed?)
Marc posted a nice amendment to his conference's menu, but all in all
was a deadly serious gaggle of humorless geekoids this year. Maybe that's
appropriate, though, since Guido *was* run over by an April 1st bus.
thank-god-for-the-fully-automated-python-release-process-ly y'rs - tim