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From: gmcm at (Gordon McMillan)
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999 17:54:56 GMT
Subject: Unable to register TclNotifier window class
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[Talking to myself]
Still don't know what the real problem was, but once I changed it
to keep a reference to a frame I was using for alignment, the problem
went away...
> OK Tk wizards (hi, /F-bot!)
> I'm getting "Unable to register TclNotifier window class".
> What does this mean?
> Details:
> Python 1.5.2b2 on NT SP4
> I'm doing a tree control / form style window:
> a big frame
> another frame, packed 'left' with a Pmw.ScrolledListBox acting as a
> tree control.
> Then I have three different frames, each holding a "form" for
> displaying / editing a particular record type.
> When a new item in the tree control is selected, I "pack_forget"
> (if
> the record type has changed) the right hand frame, then "pack" the
> appropriate frame and fill the form.
> Works dandy for 2 of the three forms. Actually, the problem form
> fills properly, too, it just does a St Vitus dance until I kill the
> whole app (it appears to be continually re-packing itself). My
> console window has the mystery error.
> The problem form is the most complex (has the most widgets), but
> otherwise they are all clones of each other.
> - Gordon
- Gordon