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From: joe at (Joe Strout)
Date: Fri, 09 Apr 1999 10:22:00 -0700
Subject: Publishing 'live' Python objects
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In article <7ekq6v$of7$1 at>, Camiel Dobbelaar
<dobbe at> wrote:
> I'm looking for advice on the following:
> Suppose I have a Python program that essentially does the following:
> while 1:
> read from stdin
> <fancy calculations>
> update some buffer objects
> I now wish to take a look at snapshots of those buffer objects in
> 'real-time'. (the program continues running and updating the buffers)
> I'd like to do this with HTTP.
I'd suggest you periodically, during <fancy calculations>, copy the
buffer objects to a file, e.g. with pickle. Then you can have another
Python CGI script read these files and display them upon request.
-- Joe
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