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From: tismer at (Christian Tismer)
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 15:30:25 GMT
Subject: Bit Arrays
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Jeffrey Kunce wrote:
> Take a look at ./Demo/classes/ in the python source distribution. It may be what you want, or at least give you some ideas.
> --Jeff
Interesting. This demo has not been used very much
from 1993 on, since it has a long-life bug:
def __cmp__(self, other, *rest):
#rprt(`self`+'.__cmp__'+`(other, ) + rest`+'\n')
if type(other) != type(self):
other = apply(bitvec, (other, ) + rest)
#expensive solution... recursive binary, with slicing
length = self._len
if length == 0 or other._len == 0:
return cmp(length, other._len)
if length != other._len:
min_lenght = min(length, other._len)
^- here!
return cmp(self[:min_length], other[:min_length]) or \
cmp(self[min_length:], other[min_length:])
#the lengths are the same now...
ciao - chris
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