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From: olipt at (Travis Oliphant)
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999 20:03:12 -0500
Subject: HELP! NumPy (Graphics) and Linux
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Glad to hear that you are using NumPy on Linux.
I've been putting together the RPM's for NumPy and would definitely
suggest you go that route initially. If you want to compile the packages
yourself you can get the source RPM for Numpy from or from my
site at and it will build 3 binary packages:
NumPy, Gist (EzPlot), and RNG (random number generators). The packages
come with quite a bit of documentation (all I could find).
Installing a source RPM and then compiling amounts to:
rpm -i package-name.src.rpm
rpm -ba /usr/src/redhat/SPECS/package.spec
This will build a binary package compiled on your system and place it in
You can then install it like any other package.
I would highly encourage learning to build from RPM sources. Grabbing a
spec file is usually all you need to start building any package you want.
If you stick with Oliver's RPM's you should be fine. I've had trouble in
the past however with compiling my own RPM's (using gcc) and trying to
import them into a python interpreter installed from Oliver's RPMS
(compiled with pgcc). I get strange segfaults. I haven't tried for
awhile so I don't know if the problem is still there but you might keep
that in mind if you are mixing and matching compilers for different python
After that bit of rambling... The problem you are having is due to the
fact that the gist module now looks for the arrayobject.h file in
numerical/arrayobject.h which is not where your arrayobject.h header file
likely is. So, change that #include line in the C-code and it should
work. I had to do this to get the RPM's to work.