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From: news at (Ilja Heitlager)
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 14:29:35 +0200
Subject: Designing Large Systems with Python
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>What I am wondering about is the suitability of Python for specifying,
>a large system and building a prototype. I have gotten myself rather
>entrenched in the cowboy style and I would love it if Python supported
>that for larger systems.
My first contacts with Python were with JPython. I got interested for it's
use in unit-testing Java-classes. Now I am building prototypes with C-Python
and I love it.
Both the C and Java versions allow me to harden the code and transform the
Proto to
production code, if speed is necessary
To build larger systems you need classes and modules for abstraction and
To build proto's you need interactive programming and short code-debug
Need GUI's? MFC or tcl/tk?
Networking, Parsers, XML, HTML, regex?
ehh, Python?
> One other thing. Is the documentation that comes with Python
> sufficient to gain mastery of the language, or should I consider
> buying (yet) another book?
The online-documentation and examples were sufficient for me, but I love
paper refs and
everbody should have Programming Python