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From: William.H.Duquette at (William H. Duquette)
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 14:58:13 GMT
Subject: try vs. has_key()
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On Fri, 23 Apr 1999 14:13:59 +0300, Moshe Zadka
<moshez at> wrote:
>for word in words:
> first_two=word[:2]
> d[first_two]=d.get(first_two, []).append(word)
>Unfortunately, few people seem to know about the ``get'' method, which
>is really good.
This doesn't seem to work. For example, here's a python
interpreter session:
>>> d = {}
>>> a = 'Foo'
>>> d[a] = d.get(a, []).append('Bar')
>>> d
{'Foo': None}
I'd have expected to see {'Foo': 'Bar'}, but that's not what I get.
I'm using Python 1.5.2, by the way.
Will Duquette
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