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From: kevin at (Kevin K. Ehmka)
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 09:00:06 -0400
Subject: PIL fonts - Where are you?
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Oleg Broytmann wrote in message ...
>On Wed, 14 Apr 1999, Kevin K. Ehmka wrote:
>> Does anybody have some ready made fonts in PIL format they want to share?
> I avn send you some. I'v compiled them from BDF fonts. English parts of
>these fonts are ASCII, but characters from 128 up are Cyrillic (Russian).
> If you have some BDF fonts, I could try to compile them to PIL format.
>> web site maybe? I was unsuccessful today creating any.
> What's the problem?
I'm using the compiled binaries of PIL (from Starship) and fail to get
pilfont to work on several BDF fonts. I even used a font maker program and I
get different errors. Using 1.0b I get encoder errors. Using 0.3 PIL I get
array bounds errors.
If you could, Oleg, please email me some of yours. Thank you.