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From: rhays at (Bob Hays, Computer Geek)
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 1999 11:30:31 GMT
Subject: Q: How to use long names in python for windows
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I'm on Win95, I've downloaded python 1.5.1 and pythonwin (123 I
think). I've been using pythonwin for development and that works
great. Now, I want to create a set of batch files to run processes
for me - I'm getting the following error from python:
ValueError: Module name too long
My import statement to the python interpreter is:
import SumHours.MonthOfFiles
This worked fine in pythonwin. In addition, I made sure to:
set PYTHONPATH=H:\PySources;H:\Python\lib
before starting.
Is there a problem with long file name support in python 1.5.1 on
Windows95? Is there some startup script I need to execute first to
enable long file names? I want my code to run properly on UNIX also
(which it does right now), and I hate 8.3 naming conventions.
Thanks and have fun! - Bob
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