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From: mrfusion at (mrfusion at
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 02:49:43 GMT
Subject: Tkinter hangs on mainloop
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>> I've done a complete install of python ver 1.5.2 on my
>> windows98 system and I've run into a problem with Tkinter (no big
>> surprise!) I can import it with the line : from Tkinter import *
>I assume you're running this from the command
>line, right?
I've tried both from the command line and double clicking the file
name (I have the proper associations set up). I've tried running
k:\python\python, I've tried starting python and typing the
file in one line at a time, I've even tried waving a dead chicken over
my computer. No luck.
>> It hangs.
>not really. it doesn't hang, it just doesn't return
>immediately. in fact, it won't return until you've
>closed the root window.
Actaully it doesn't return at all.....ever.
If I close the root window, I get a messsage from windows that says :
"Windows can't shut this program down automatically. It is recommended
that you close the program....bla bla bla".
>before you to this, look in the task bar. click on
>the Tk icon, and the (quite small) window will pop
I've looked, there's no icon on the task bar. I've check through the
task manager and there's nothing there either.
>has some more information on the mainloop function.
I went to this site and typed in the example file (it was basically
the same one that I was trying to run). I still get nothing.
Any other suggestions?
Thank you for trying to help ,