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From: tseaver at (Tres Seaver)
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 07:59:53 -0500
Subject: HTML "sanitizer" in Python
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Scott Stirling wrote:
> > 4) If someone helps me out, I think I should be able to use this info. and the tutorial and the Lutz book to loop the process and make the program run until all *.htm files in a folder have been handled once.
> Well, if I understand correctly, the *only* thing you're trying to do
> is to remove some specific strings from a bunch of files. Now if I
> were you, I wouldn't even bother to use Python on something that
> simple; I would just use sed. With sed, you could do:
> sed 'g/string_to_be_eliminated//g' my_file.html > output.html
> Presto, that's it. I think that there is a version for GNU sed for
> Windows somewhere out there; do yourself a favour and get it.
Look for the "user tools" under
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