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From: pboddie at (Paul Boddie)
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 15:13:01 GMT
Subject: Problem with FNORB
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In article <19990419073413.22923.00002720 at>,
alhopiteau at (Alhopiteau) wrote:
> i have a problem with fnorb, running the example i get a error while the
> try to import the Fnorb.cdr module, this module is developped using C, how to
> manage this?
If you mean that when you try to execute a program which imports various
Fnorb modules, you get errors complaining about the whereabouts of the cdr
module, then you should ensure that your PYTHONPATH points to the directory
where is located. So, if you have in
/home/badger/Fnorb then you must make sure that /home/badger/Fnorb is in your
PYTHONPATH. Note that in the Fnorb source, cdr is not used as if it belongs
to the Fnorb package. (import cdr is used.)
I believe that the instructions with Fnorb advise you to place the .so files
(made in Fnorb/src) either somewhere in your existing PYTHONPATH, or in the
Fnorb directory. If you choose the second of these two options then you must
modify your PYTHONPATH accordingly. I was caught out by this, but the above
solution worked for me.
Paul Boddie
Oslo, Norway
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