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From: mwh21 at (Michael Hudson)
Date: 14 Apr 1999 16:45:09 +0100
Subject: REPOST:pretty please - Help re
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Nick Belshaw <nickb at> writes:
> I'm gonna start taking this personally soon !!!
1) You've not been very specific wrt platform, hardware.
2) I was getting there! Give us 24 hours!
> You bright guys out there.....................................
> If anyone can spare a second -
> Whilst trying to get Python plugins to work on Gnumeric-0.23 I bumped up
> against the need for
> I have 'The Full Python' ( - thats the sequel to 'The Full Monty' !!! )
> and can build xxxx.a no problem but what do I have to do to get
> Can't seem to find anything specific on it in the docs or readme or
> Setup and my knowledge is too superficial to allow me to be clever.
Are you sure it's exactly it's asking for? I've
just compiled this bit of gnumeric (succesfully) and it's created, which references and libpython.a,
both of which are linked to libpython1.5.a. This is all on a redhat
5.2/i386 with slap bang up to date python and gnumeric from their
respective CVS repositories.
> Help anyone?
I'd try updating your gnumeric, and if that fails, email me more
details & what make says as it fails and I'll have a think.
> cheers
> Nick/Oxford Geochemistry
Michael/"the other place"