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From: tseaver at (Tres Seaver)
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 08:33:53 -0500
Subject: WinZip vs 0-length files (was RE: trivial import question)
References: <000401be7808$6105e3c0$549e2299@tim> <000201be8308$8b824520$ac9e2299@tim>
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Tim Peters wrote:
> With tne candidate release of Python 1.5.2 just out, this is quite timely!
> At various times in March, at least Brad Clements, Lars Marius Garshol and
> Tres Seaver spread the rumor that WinZip wouldn't extract 0-length files,
> thus causing Python packages depending on an empty to fail in
> mysterious ways.
> I tried reproducing that but had no problems with the latest WinZip, so had
> a good time insulting them all <wink>.
> But they were right! Steve Spicklemire provided the missing clue offline:
> while WinZip does not have a problem with 0-length files in .zip archives,
> it does indeed fail to extract them from .tgz archives.
Heh, vindication! I hadn't reproduced the problem myself since Tim's
chastisement (not the comfy chair!), and appreciate his graciousness in beating
us to the counterpunch.
Tres Seaver tseaver at 713-523-6582
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