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From: rhww at (R Wentworth)
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 03:23:20 -0400
Subject: HTMLgen in Java?
References: <7f2are$kqq$>
Message-ID: <>
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"David C. Lambert" wrote:
> I'm looking for a Java class library (freeware) that is more
> or less parallel to HTMLgen in its capabilities and structure.
> (That is, classes encapsulating the programmatic generation
> of the major HTML structures).
Well, one option might be to use JPython, in which case you would
have easy access to any Java class library you like, from Python.
Granted, this may not be the right solution for everyone.
> If anyone knows of such a beast, I'd appreciate a pointer.
> TIA.
> - David C. Lambert
> dcl at