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From: merlyn at (Randal L. Schwartz)
Date: 29 Apr 1999 07:24:00 -0700
Subject: converting perl to python - simple questions.
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>>>>> "Dan" == Dan Schmidt <dfan at> writes:
Dan> Four and a half, actually; Perl 5.000 was released in October 1994,
Dan> exactly a week after Python 1.1. In fact, Perl 5 has been the current
Dan> version longer than Perl 4 was (Perl 4 was released in March 1991, so
Dan> it was the newest version for only three and a half years).
Not to mention that *all* versions of Perl prior to 5.004 have known,
documented buffer-overflow potential problems, so if you use those
scripts in any public-execution environment (like CGI or setuid
programs or daemons), you are setting yourself up for a "non use of
best practices" lawsuit when the bad guys break in.
I'm told by people in-the-know of a rootkit that targets *any* CGI
script and sends it the right thing to break in, presuming you know
the arch of the box and have a reasonable guess as to the Perl
Perl 4 is dead. Anything before 5.004 is dangerous. Perl5 *is* Perl.
Just another Perl (and Python) hacker,
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