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From: bbaetz at (Bradley Baetz)
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 18:13:54 +1000
Subject: Q on Tkinter Scrollbar
References: <> <7g2g0f$km7$>
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> I think you need to, in _vscroll, set the position of the scrollbar.
> I did this exact thing in a tcl app once, so I know it's possible.
> It's a bit of work to figure out where things are supposed to be, but
> you're going to have to tell it what being halfway down means anyway.
> Michael
Is it possible to find out the location of the top and bottom character
of a tkinter text object currently showing? I want to be able to seardch
for a tag on the currently viewable portion, but I can find out the
start and end positions of the text.