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From: achrist at (Al Christians)
Date: Fri, 02 Apr 1999 23:00:07 -0800
Subject: string.join() vs % and + operators
References: <> <000001be7d92$ea8da080$879e2299@tim>
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Tim Peters wrote :
(All kinds of [snipped] insights and outsights)
Great stuff, Tim. You are right. Your method boosts speed by
a factor of 5 over the fastest of my 3 methods, which already looked
to be fast enough not to worry about. In the applications I'm looking
at, building records from a few dozen fields each and then writing them
out to indexed files, the record building should take much less time
than the I/O and record manager. So, no matter how fast or slow
Python is compared to brand X, the internal processing will be pretty
insignificant as a part of the total run time.