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From: JamesL at Lugoj.Com (James Logajan)
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 20:21:39 -0700
Subject: How many of us are there?
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Tim Peters wrote:
> [Ivan Van Laningham]
> > Hello, Pythonistas--
> > Does anyone out there have some idea how many people subscribe to the
> > mailing list, or read the newsgroup?
> Yes, I keep exact daily tallies of both, along with the precise number of
> Python programmers broken down by industry, application, age, gender,
> income, countries of origin and residence, employer and life goals.
Thank god he doesn't break down the numbers by aberrant food preferences.
And no, I'm not saying. Otherwise I'd be the only Python programmer in the
"Likes butter microwaved over Cheerios as a snack" category.
> While I can't pass this information out for free, it's available for a
> price. How do you think all those spammers got your email address <wink>?
> python's-demographics-make-perl's-look-like-cobol's-ly y'rs - tim
Industry: Telecommunications
Application: Network mismanagement
Age: Over 40. Not saying how much.
Gender: Mail or E-mail? Mail!
Income: Never enough.
Country of origin: U S of A
Country of residence: Califunia; no wait, that doesn't seem right.
Employer: Some unlikely startup.
Life goals: To be able to identify a Larch.