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From: gustav at (Paul Moore)
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 21:02:16 GMT
Subject: Python without registry entries
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I'm trying to set up a Python distribution on CD, for transport to a
number of PCs (possibly at client sites). My first thought is to
install Python on my PC, with whatever optional modules I need, and
copy that installation onto CD.
That leaves me with a CD installation, which I can use on other PCs -
the only problem is that I won't have any registry entries.
In the first instance, I can set up registry entries as I need. All I
need then is to know what registry entries Python requires (there's
documentation on for basic Python stuff, but what does
pythonwin and the rest of win32all need?).
However, it would be nice to be able to run Python, at some level,
without *any* configuration changes (registry entries, environment
variables) at all. (Perl runs fine from a CD binary distribution, with
no registry settings). Can I do this? If so, what (if any) changes are
needed to the basic installed distribution?
Thanks for any help anyone can give me...
Paul Moore.
PS Will TCL/Tk (Tkinter) work in this way, too? If so, do I need to do
anything further to set it up?