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From: bkc at (Brad Clements)
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 18:55:03 -0400
Subject: interfacing to Dragon from a Python app
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I have used microsoft's iit product. What attracted me was the price..
(Also, I have T3 access)
It DOES work, though you need a good headset for dictation to work well. I
guess that's generally true of everything else anyway..
I'm planning on using it with Python to "read" imap messages to me via
Frank Sergeant wrote in message ...
>In article <000801be89dd$d407a0c0$ed9e2299 at tim>,
>"Tim Peters" <tim_one at> wrote:
>> FYI, people curious about speech recognition under Windows might want to
>> give Microsoft's implementation a try; see the little-known
>Thanks for the pointer. I browsed around the site for awhile.
>> This is not for the Windows-ignorant, weak-hearted, or slow-modem'ed
>I couldn't quite bring myself to start the 21MB download. I'm still
>pondering my approach to the whole Speech Recognition (SR) thing. I'm
>gradually getting some hardware set up that might support it and
>considering the Dragon Preferred product (around $135 somewhere on
>the net) versus saving up for the Dragon developer's kit. Third in
>line, I guess, is Microsoft's 21MB download. Although ...
>I'm also thinking of overall priorities -- in that that SR might
>not be able to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear (then again,
>a sow's ear may be better at SR than a silk purse).
> -- Frank
> frank.sergeant at