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From: dave at (Dave Dench)
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1999 09:00:48 GMT
Subject: Extreme Programming ( XP ) in python ?
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Dear All,
I recently attended the OT99 conference at Oxford University.
One of the highlights was the inspiring keynote speech by Kent Beck
on his experiences with Extreme Programming ( XP ) .
( ref: )
Unfortunately, he was using Java as his particular language vehicle,
but that is not mandatory.
It would seem to me that XP and python is a marriage made in heaven.
Has anyone on this list had any experiences with XP on their projects?
PS as a side-note, despite this being primarily a practitioners conference,
there didn't seem to be much awareness of python at the conference,
despite my dropping it into any conversation I could. It would seem that
Java IS making in-roads, despite reservations.
PPS It would also seem that XML is starting to get linked with CORBA very
productively by passing content-rich strings. ( perhaps this is old news ? )
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