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From: skip at (Skip Montanaro)
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 13:08:39 GMT
Subject: Need someone to try some rarely used bsddb methods
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I noticed today that there is apparently still no documentation for the bsddb
module, so I started working on some. While trying out the bsddb hash object
methods, I noticed a few didn't seem to work. I tested this under Red Hat
Linux 5.0 (PC hardware) and Python 1.5.1. I used Berkeley DB v 2.3.16 with
the backwards compatibility interface, so that might be causing my problems.
I see no functional changes in the 1.5.2 version of the bsddb module, so I
doubt it's causing problems.
If you have the time, please try executing the following Python statements
and let me know what methods, if any, generate tracebacks. I will need to
know what version of Python you used, what version of Berkeley DB you used,
and for completeness, what OS platform and version you used. (If you use
version 2 of the DB library you will have to modify the bsddbmodule.c source
to include db_185.h instead of db.h.)
import bsddb
db = bsddb.hashopen("/tmp/spam.db", "c")
for i in range(10): db["%d"%i] = "%d"% (i*i)
The btree object (the one I use regularly) didn't have any problems. The keys
returned with the record object seem to be screwed up:
>>> db = bsddb.rnopen("/tmp/spamr.db", "c")
>>> for i in range(10): db["%d"%i] = "%d"% (i*i)
>>> db.keys()
['0\000\000\000', '1\000\000\000', '2\000\000\000', '3\000\000\000',
'4\000\000\000', '5\000\000\000', '6\000\000\000', '7\000\000\000',
'8\000\000\000', '9\000\000\000']
Can anyone confirm this rather odd behavior as well?
Private replies appreciated.
Skip Montanaro (skip at, 518-372-5583)
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