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From: aahz at (Aahz Maruch)
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 16:01:17 GMT
Subject: Python too slow for real world
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In article <37215EFB.433AFCA6 at>,
Paul Prescod <paul at> wrote:
>Justin Sheehy wrote:
>>> (And... How about builtin regexes in P2?)
>> In all seriousness, what reason do you have for making that
>> suggestion? I am willing to believe that there might be a good reason
>> to do so, but it certainly isn't immediately obvious.
>One benefit would be that the compiler could compile regexps at the same
>time everything else is being compiled.
<shrug> If you really care and if you're going to run the same program
multiple times, just use pickle.
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