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From: jkraai at (jkraai)
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 05:01:38 GMT
Subject: Maximize Benefit when Purchasing Learning Python
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I'll make the check out to your wife if you promise not
to tell mine.
All fun aside, can somebody give me a substantive answer?
I'd really like to make sure that somebody I 'know' is the
middele man--or middle wife. I really was actually looking
for an answer to my question.
I'll gladly send you a check, but I'd rather not do it
explicitly, rather as a part of a purchase of three copies
of this book to evangelize my coworkers.
Help me do somebody a favor & let others know how we
collectively can do _you_ a bigger favor than merely
buying the book.
I tell you what, if you've got the stones to send me your
address off-list, you'll get a check. If you think Mr.
Ascher is worth it--and I don't doubt it for a moment--if
he'll provide me with the same, I'll send him one, too.
If Chris or Tim'd ever write a book ... Guido? c'mon.
Does anybody know what Guido desires most in life? I
probably can't buy it today, but it'd be nice to know so
I could taunt him with little plastic replicas.
somebody-stop-me'ly y'rs,
P.S. I _like_ the cover.
Mark Lutz wrote:
> David Ascher wrote:
> > On Wed, 28 Apr 1999 jkraai at wrote:
> >
> > How can I help whom when purchasing Python books?
> >
> > I'll dare to speak for Mark, and say that you should feel free to send
> > either Mark or I (or both) checks for any amount whatsoever. Skip the
> > middleman. Save trees -- don't buy the book, just send us cash. Don't
> > hesitate for a minute.
> What he said. (Though you could save another
> middleman by making the check out to my wife.)
> --Mark Lutz (