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From: justin at (Justin Sheehy)
Date: 29 Apr 1999 11:45:50 -0400
Subject: Designing Large Systems with Python
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David Steuber <trashcan at> writes:
> I would like better python support in XEmacs. There is a python
> mode, but I haven't seen anything about evaluating Python code
> ineteractivly the way you can with Lisp and elisp.
The support for Python in XEmacs will obviously never be as good as
the support for emacs lisp. However, it is already about as good as
it is for other lispy things like clisp, scheme, etc.
One can run a python interpreter in an emacs window. This can be
interacted with directly, or you can send code to it from a
python-mode buffer. It has served my needs fairly well.
> -> ehh, Python?
> It looks interesting. It is more C like than Lisp like.
Well, in the obvious syntactical sense, sure.
I am comfortable in several dialects of Lisp, but find C to be No Fun.
I am rapidly becoming at home with Python. In many of the
less-immediately-obvious but very important ways, I find that Python
doesn't feel much like C at all.