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From: tim_one at (Tim Peters)
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1999 06:26:21 GMT
Subject: Crappy Software was Re: [OffTopic: Netscape] Re: How should
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[Gordon McMillan, among others with Netscape vs IE experience]
> ...
> Having recently ported a sophisticated applet using JNI (Sun's new
> native interface) to JRI (older Netscape) and RNI (older IE), I too
> can kick and scream.
> [guess the outcome <wink>]
I'm no browser wizard -- just took a few stabs over the past year & a half
at writing some relatively simple Java applets, JavaScript and HTML for the
amusement of my family. No CSS, no frames, nothing at all even remotely
cutting-edge. One Netscape-using sister had dozens of problems with *all*
of these, most eventually determined to be cases of NS not meeting the
appropriate std, and-- far too often --crashing her machine.
Fact is NS dropped the browser ball a couple years ago, then poked holes in
it, then attached industrial-strength vacuum cleaners on the off chance any
air remained.
> ...
> When's the last time you closed a GUI from the file menu??
Hey, I'll close a stinking GUI any way I can <wink>.
right-next-to-my-reboot-foot-pedal-ly y'rs - tim