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Date: 28 Apr 1999 05:53:36 GMT
Subject: GUI other than Tkinter (TVision?)
References: <3721567f.1748033@news> <7g1a8h$fae$1@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM>
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Anyone interested in wrap this TVision with python?
Turbo Vision is the good old TUI (Text User Interface) we
used in Turbo C++ and it is GPLed. It is written in C++ and maybe someone
want to wrap it with python.
What's Turbo Vision?
Turbo Vision (TVision for short) is a TUI (Text User Interface) that
implements the well known CUA widgets. With TVision you can create an
intuitive text mode application, intuitive means it will have CUA like
interface (check boxes, radio buttons, push buttons, input lines, pull
-down menues, status bars, etc.). All the people acustomed to the
Windows, MacOS, OS/2, Motif, GTK, etc. interfaces will understand the
interface at first sight.