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  1. From: skip at (Skip Montanaro)
  2. Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 03:08:35 GMT
  3. Subject: Need someone to try some rarely used bsddb methods
  4. References: <7fa14m$vfm$>
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  8. A few days ago I asked for input about how the various bsddb object
  9. methods work with different storage types (btree, hash, recno). I got
  10. responses from several people whose findings were consistent with mine.
  11. The "last" and "previous" methods seemed to fail for hash databases.
  12. It turns out they aren't supported. A little digging around in the
  13. Berkeley DB code demonstrated that quite clearly. I will work on some
  14. patches to the bsddb module that catch the mistake and return a more
  15. meaningful error message along with the exception. I have yet to figure
  16. out what is happening with the recno format databases. My
  17. recommendation is that you only use the btree format for large
  18. databases. (Unfortunately, calls bsddb.hashopen when it's
  19. available.)
  20. I wound up writing the section for the library reference as well. I
  21. believe it's in the CVS repository now.
  22. Thanks to all who replied.
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