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meli requires rust 1.34 and rust's package manager, Cargo. Information on how
to get it on your system can be found here:


With Cargo available, the project can be built with

# cargo build --release

The resulting binary will then be found under target/release/meli

You can build and run meli with one command:

# cargo run --release

While the project is in early development, meli will only be developed for the
linux kernel and respected linux distributions. Support for more UNIX-like OSes
is on the roadmap.


Development builds can be built and/or run with

# cargo build
# cargo run 2> debug.log

The debug logs can be disabled by setting debug-assertions to false in the
development profile in Cargo.toml. In the future debug logs will be a feature.


meli by default looks for a configuration file in this location:
# $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/meli/config

You can run meli with arbitrary configuration files by setting the MELI_CONFIG
environment variable to their locations, ie:

# MELI_CONFIG=./test_config cargo run 2> debug.log


How to run specific tests:

# cargo test -p {melib, ui, meli} (-- --nocapture) (--test test_name)


# perf record -g target/debug/bin
# perf script | stackcollapse-perf | rust-unmangle | flamegraph > perf.svg