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* meli - text_processing crate.
* Copyright 2017-2020 Manos Pitsidianakis
* This file is part of meli.
* meli is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* meli is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with meli. If not, see <>.
use super::types::LineBreakClass::{self, *};
pub const LINE_BREAK_RULES: &[(u32, u32, LineBreakClass)] = &[
(0x0, 0x8, CM),
(0x9, 0x9, BA),
(0xA, 0xA, LF),
(0xB, 0xC, BK),
(0xD, 0xD, CR),
(0xE, 0x1F, CM),
(0x20, 0x20, SP),
(0x21, 0x21, EX),
(0x22, 0x22, QU),
(0x23, 0x23, AL),
(0x24, 0x24, PR),
(0x25, 0x25, PO),
(0x26, 0x26, AL),
(0x27, 0x27, QU),
(0x28, 0x28, OP),
(0x29, 0x29, CP),
(0x2A, 0x2A, AL),
(0x2B, 0x2B, PR),
(0x2C, 0x2C, IS),
(0x2D, 0x2D, HY),
(0x2E, 0x2E, IS),
(0x2F, 0x2F, SY),
(0x30, 0x39, NU),
(0x3A, 0x3B, IS),
(0x3C, 0x3E, AL),
(0x3F, 0x3F, EX),
(0x40, 0x40, AL),
(0x41, 0x5A, AL),
(0x5B, 0x5B, OP),
(0x5C, 0x5C, PR),
(0x5D, 0x5D, CP),
(0x5E, 0x5E, AL),
(0x5F, 0x5F, AL),
(0x60, 0x60, AL),
(0x61, 0x7A, AL),
(0x7B, 0x7B, OP),
(0x7C, 0x7C, BA),
(0x7D, 0x7D, CL),
(0x7E, 0x7E, AL),
(0x7F, 0x7F, CM),
(0x80, 0x84, CM),
(0x85, 0x85, NL),
(0x86, 0x9F, CM),
(0xA0, 0xA0, GL),
(0xA1, 0xA1, OP),
(0xA2, 0xA2, PO),
(0xA3, 0xA5, PR),
(0xA6, 0xA6, AL),
(0xA7, 0xA7, AI),
(0xA8, 0xA8, AI),
(0xA9, 0xA9, AL),
(0xAA, 0xAA, AI),
(0xAB, 0xAB, QU),
(0xAC, 0xAC, AL),
(0xAD, 0xAD, BA),
(0xAE, 0xAE, AL),
(0xAF, 0xAF, AL),
(0xB0, 0xB0, PO),
(0xB1, 0xB1, PR),
(0xB2, 0xB3, AI),
(0xB4, 0xB4, BB),
(0xB5, 0xB5, AL),
(0xB6, 0xB7, AI),
(0xB8, 0xB8, AI),
(0xB9, 0xB9, AI),
(0xBA, 0xBA, AI),
(0xBB, 0xBB, QU),
(0xBC, 0xBE, AI),
(0xBF, 0xBF, OP),
(0xC0, 0xD6, AL),
(0xD7, 0xD7, AI),
(0xD8, 0xF6, AL),
(0xF7, 0xF7, AI),
(0xF8, 0xFF, AL),
(0x100, 0x17F, AL),
(0x180, 0x1BA, AL),
(0x1BB, 0x1BB, AL),
(0x1BC, 0x1BF, AL),
(0x1C0, 0x1C3, AL),
(0x1C4, 0x24F, AL),
(0x250, 0x293, AL),
(0x294, 0x294, AL),
(0x295, 0x2AF, AL),
(0x2B0, 0x2C1, AL),
(0x2C2, 0x2C5, AL),
(0x2C6, 0x2C6, AL),
(0x2C7, 0x2C7, AI),
(0x2C8, 0x2C8, BB),
(0x2C9, 0x2CB, AI),
(0x2CC, 0x2CC, BB),
(0x2CD, 0x2CD, AI),
(0x2CE, 0x2CF, AL),
(0x2D0, 0x2D0, AI),
(0x2D1, 0x2D1, AL),
(0x2D2, 0x2D7, AL),
(0x2D8, 0x2DB, AI),
(0x2DC, 0x2DC, AL),
(0x2DD, 0x2DD, AI),
(0x2DE, 0x2DE, AL),
(0x2DF, 0x2DF, BB),
(0x2E0, 0x2E4, AL),
(0x2E5, 0x2EB, AL),
(0x2EC, 0x2EC, AL),
(0x2ED, 0x2ED, AL),
(0x2EE, 0x2EE, AL),
(0x2EF, 0x2FF, AL),
(0x300, 0x34E, CM),
(0x34F, 0x34F, GL),
(0x350, 0x35B, CM),
(0x35C, 0x362, GL),
(0x363, 0x36F, CM),
(0x370, 0x373, AL),
(0x374, 0x374, AL),
(0x375, 0x375, AL),
(0x376, 0x377, AL),
(0x37A, 0x37A, AL),
(0x37B, 0x37D, AL),
(0x37E, 0x37E, IS),
(0x37F, 0x37F, AL),
(0x384, 0x385, AL),
(0x386, 0x386, AL),
(0x387, 0x387, AL),
(0x388, 0x38A, AL),
(0x38C, 0x38C, AL),
(0x38E, 0x3A1, AL),
(0x3A3, 0x3F5, AL),
(0x3F6, 0x3F6, AL),
(0x3F7, 0x3FF, AL),
(0x400, 0x481, AL),
(0x482, 0x482, AL),
(0x483, 0x487, CM),
(0x488, 0x489, CM),
(0x48A, 0x4FF, AL),
(0x500, 0x52F, AL),
(0x531, 0x556, AL),
(0x559, 0x559, AL),
(0x55A, 0x55F, AL),
(0x560, 0x588, AL),
(0x589, 0x589, IS),
(0x58A, 0x58A, BA),
(0x58D, 0x58E, AL),
(0x58F, 0x58F, PR),
(0x591, 0x5BD, CM),
(0x5BE, 0x5BE, BA),
(0x5BF, 0x5BF, CM),
(0x5C0, 0x5C0, AL),
(0x5C1, 0x5C2, CM),
(0x5C3, 0x5C3, AL),
(0x5C4, 0x5C5, CM),
(0x5C6, 0x5C6, EX),
(0x5C7, 0x5C7, CM),
(0x5D0, 0x5EA, HL),
(0x5EF, 0x5F2, HL),
(0x5F3, 0x5F4, AL),
(0x600, 0x605, AL),
(0x606, 0x608, AL),
(0x609, 0x60A, PO),
(0x60B, 0x60B, PO),
(0x60C, 0x60D, IS),
(0x60E, 0x60F, AL),
(0x610, 0x61A, CM),
(0x61B, 0x61B, EX),
(0x61C, 0x61C, CM),
(0x61E, 0x61F, EX),
(0x620, 0x63F, AL),
(0x640, 0x640, AL),
(0x641, 0x64A, AL),
(0x64B, 0x65F, CM),
(0x660, 0x669, NU),
(0x66A, 0x66A, PO),
(0x66B, 0x66C, NU),
(0x66D, 0x66D, AL),
(0x66E, 0x66F, AL),
(0x670, 0x670, CM),
(0x671, 0x6D3, AL),
(0x6D4, 0x6D4, EX),
(0x6D5, 0x6D5, AL),
(0x6D6, 0x6DC, CM),
(0x6DD, 0x6DD, AL),
(0x6DE, 0x6DE, AL),
(0x6DF, 0x6E4, CM),
(0x6E5, 0x6E6, AL),
(0x6E7, 0x6E8, CM),
(0x6E9, 0x6E9, AL),
(0x6EA, 0x6ED, CM),
(0x6EE, 0x6EF, AL),
(0x6F0, 0x6F9, NU),
(0x6FA, 0x6FC, AL),
(0x6FD, 0x6FE, AL),
(0x6FF, 0x6FF, AL),
(0x700, 0x70D, AL),
(0x70F, 0x70F, AL),
(0x710, 0x710, AL),
(0x711, 0x711, CM),
(0x712, 0x72F, AL),
(0x730, 0x74A, CM),
(0x74D, 0x74F, AL),
(0x750, 0x77F, AL),
(0x780, 0x7A5, AL),
(0x7A6, 0x7B0, CM),
(0x7B1, 0x7B1, AL),
(0x7C0, 0x7C9, NU),
(0x7CA, 0x7EA, AL),
(0x7EB, 0x7F3, CM),
(0x7F4, 0x7F5, AL),
(0x7F6, 0x7F6, AL),
(0x7F7, 0x7F7, AL),
(0x7F8, 0x7F8, IS),
(0x7F9, 0x7F9, EX),
(0x7FA, 0x7FA, AL),
(0x7FD, 0x7FD, CM),
(0x7FE, 0x7FF, PR),
(0x800, 0x815, AL),
(0x816, 0x819, CM),
(0x81A, 0x81A, AL),
(0x81B, 0x823, CM),
(0x824, 0x824, AL),
(0x825, 0x827, CM),
(0x828, 0x828, AL),
(0x829, 0x82D, CM),
(0x830, 0x83E, AL),
(0x840, 0x858, AL),
(0x859, 0x85B, CM),
(0x85E, 0x85E, AL),
(0x860, 0x86A, AL),
(0x8A0, 0x8B4, AL),
(0x8B6, 0x8C7, AL),
(0x8D3, 0x8E1, CM),
(0x8E2, 0x8E2, AL),
(0x8E3, 0x8FF, CM),
(0x900, 0x902, CM),
(0x903, 0x903, CM),
(0x904, 0x939, AL),
(0x93A, 0x93A, CM),
(0x93B, 0x93B, CM),
(0x93C, 0x93C, CM),
(0x93D, 0x93D, AL),
(0x93E, 0x940, CM),
(0x941, 0x948, CM),
(0x949, 0x94C, CM),
(0x94D, 0x94D, CM),
(0x94E, 0x94F, CM),
(0x950, 0x950, AL),
(0x951, 0x957, CM),
(0x958, 0x961, AL),
(0x962, 0x963, CM),
(0x964, 0x965, BA),
(0x966, 0x96F, NU),
(0x970, 0x970, AL),
(0x971, 0x971, AL),
(0x972, 0x97F, AL),
(0x980, 0x980, AL),
(0x981, 0x981, CM),
(0x982, 0x983, CM),
(0x985, 0x98C, AL),
(0x98F, 0x990, AL),
(0x993, 0x9A8, AL),
(0x9AA, 0x9B0, AL),
(0x9B2, 0x9B2, AL),
(0x9B6, 0x9B9, AL),
(0x9BC, 0x9BC, CM),
(0x9BD, 0x9BD, AL),
(0x9BE, 0x9C0, CM),
(0x9C1, 0x9C4, CM),
(0x9C7, 0x9C8, CM),
(0x9CB, 0x9CC, CM),
(0x9CD, 0x9CD, CM),
(0x9CE, 0x9CE, AL),
(0x9D7, 0x9D7, CM),
(0x9DC, 0x9DD, AL),
(0x9DF, 0x9E1, AL),
(0x9E2, 0x9E3, CM),
(0x9E6, 0x9EF, NU),
(0x9F0, 0x9F1, AL),
(0x9F2, 0x9F3, PO),
(0x9F4, 0x9F8, AL),
(0x9F9, 0x9F9, PO),
(0x9FA, 0x9FA, AL),
(0x9FB, 0x9FB, PR),
(0x9FC, 0x9FC, AL),
(0x9FD, 0x9FD, AL),
(0x9FE, 0x9FE, CM),
(0xA01, 0xA02, CM),
(0xA03, 0xA03, CM),
(0xA05, 0xA0A, AL),
(0xA0F, 0xA10, AL),
(0xA13, 0xA28, AL),
(0xA2A, 0xA30, AL),
(0xA32, 0xA33, AL),
(0xA35, 0xA36, AL),
(0xA38, 0xA39, AL),
(0xA3C, 0xA3C, CM),
(0xA3E, 0xA40, CM),
(0xA41, 0xA42, CM),
(0xA47, 0xA48, CM),
(0xA4B, 0xA4D, CM),
(0xA51, 0xA51, CM),
(0xA59, 0xA5C, AL),
(0xA5E, 0xA5E, AL),
(0xA66, 0xA6F, NU),
(0xA70, 0xA71, CM),
(0xA72, 0xA74, AL),
(0xA75, 0xA75, CM),
(0xA76, 0xA76, AL),
(0xA81, 0xA82, CM),
(0xA83, 0xA83, CM),
(0xA85, 0xA8D, AL),
(0xA8F, 0xA91, AL),
(0xA93, 0xAA8, AL),
(0xAAA, 0xAB0, AL),
(0xAB2, 0xAB3, AL),
(0xAB5, 0xAB9, AL),
(0xABC, 0xABC, CM),
(0xABD, 0xABD, AL),
(0xABE, 0xAC0, CM),
(0xAC1, 0xAC5, CM),
(0xAC7, 0xAC8, CM),
(0xAC9, 0xAC9, CM),
(0xACB, 0xACC, CM),
(0xACD, 0xACD, CM),
(0xAD0, 0xAD0, AL),
(0xAE0, 0xAE1, AL),
(0xAE2, 0xAE3, CM),
(0xAE6, 0xAEF, NU),
(0xAF0, 0xAF0, AL),
(0xAF1, 0xAF1, PR),
(0xAF9, 0xAF9, AL),
(0xAFA, 0xAFF, CM),
(0xB01, 0xB01, CM),
(0xB02, 0xB03, CM),
(0xB05, 0xB0C, AL),
(0xB0F, 0xB10, AL),
(0xB13, 0xB28, AL),
(0xB2A, 0xB30, AL),
(0xB32, 0xB33, AL),
(0xB35, 0xB39, AL),
(0xB3C, 0xB3C, CM),
(0xB3D, 0xB3D, AL),
(0xB3E, 0xB3E, CM),
(0xB3F, 0xB3F, CM),
(0xB40, 0xB40, CM),
(0xB41, 0xB44, CM),
(0xB47, 0xB48, CM),
(0xB4B, 0xB4C, CM),
(0xB4D, 0xB4D, CM),
(0xB55, 0xB56, CM),
(0xB57, 0xB57, CM),
(0xB5C, 0xB5D, AL),
(0xB5F, 0xB61, AL),
(0xB62, 0xB63, CM),
(0xB66, 0xB6F, NU),
(0xB70, 0xB70, AL),
(0xB71, 0xB71, AL),
(0xB72, 0xB77, AL),
(0xB82, 0xB82, CM),
(0xB83, 0xB83, AL),
(0xB85, 0xB8A, AL),
(0xB8E, 0xB90, AL),
(0xB92, 0xB95, AL),
(0xB99, 0xB9A, AL),
(0xB9C, 0xB9C, AL),
(0xB9E, 0xB9F, AL),
(0xBA3, 0xBA4, AL),
(0xBA8, 0xBAA, AL),
(0xBAE, 0xBB9, AL),
(0xBBE, 0xBBF, CM),
(0xBC0, 0xBC0, CM),
(0xBC1, 0xBC2, CM),
(0xBC6, 0xBC8, CM),
(0xBCA, 0xBCC, CM),
(0xBCD, 0xBCD, CM),
(0xBD0, 0xBD0, AL),
(0xBD7, 0xBD7, CM),
(0xBE6, 0xBEF, NU),
(0xBF0, 0xBF2, AL),
(0xBF3, 0xBF8, AL),
(0xBF9, 0xBF9, PR),
(0xBFA, 0xBFA, AL),
(0xC00, 0xC00, CM),
(0xC01, 0xC03, CM),
(0xC04, 0xC04, CM),
(0xC05, 0xC0C, AL),
(0xC0E, 0xC10, AL),
(0xC12, 0xC28, AL),
(0xC2A, 0xC39, AL),
(0xC3D, 0xC3D, AL),
(0xC3E, 0xC40, CM),
(0xC41, 0xC44, CM),
(0xC46, 0xC48, CM),
(0xC4A, 0xC4D, CM),
(0xC55, 0xC56, CM),
(0xC58, 0xC5A, AL),
(0xC60, 0xC61, AL),
(0xC62, 0xC63, CM),
(0xC66, 0xC6F, NU),
(0xC77, 0xC77, BB),
(0xC78, 0xC7E, AL),
(0xC7F, 0xC7F, AL),
(0xC80, 0xC80, AL),
(0xC81, 0xC81, CM),
(0xC82, 0xC83, CM),
(0xC84, 0xC84, BB),
(0xC85, 0xC8C, AL),
(0xC8E, 0xC90, AL),
(0xC92, 0xCA8, AL),
(0xCAA, 0xCB3, AL),
(0xCB5, 0xCB9, AL),
(0xCBC, 0xCBC, CM),
(0xCBD, 0xCBD, AL),
(0xCBE, 0xCBE, CM),
(0xCBF, 0xCBF, CM),
(0xCC0, 0xCC4, CM),
(0xCC6, 0xCC6, CM),
(0xCC7, 0xCC8, CM),
(0xCCA, 0xCCB, CM),
(0xCCC, 0xCCD, CM),
(0xCD5, 0xCD6, CM),
(0xCDE, 0xCDE, AL),
(0xCE0, 0xCE1, AL),
(0xCE2, 0xCE3, CM),
(0xCE6, 0xCEF, NU),
(0xCF1, 0xCF2, AL),
(0xD00, 0xD01, CM),
(0xD02, 0xD03, CM),
(0xD04, 0xD0C, AL),
(0xD0E, 0xD10, AL),
(0xD12, 0xD3A, AL),
(0xD3B, 0xD3C, CM),
(0xD3D, 0xD3D, AL),
(0xD3E, 0xD40, CM),
(0xD41, 0xD44, CM),
(0xD46, 0xD48, CM),
(0xD4A, 0xD4C, CM),
(0xD4D, 0xD4D, CM),
(0xD4E, 0xD4E, AL),
(0xD4F, 0xD4F, AL),
(0xD54, 0xD56, AL),
(0xD57, 0xD57, CM),
(0xD58, 0xD5E, AL),
(0xD5F, 0xD61, AL),
(0xD62, 0xD63, CM),
(0xD66, 0xD6F, NU),
(0xD70, 0xD78, AL),
(0xD79, 0xD79, PO),
(0xD7A, 0xD7F, AL),
(0xD81, 0xD81, CM),
(0xD82, 0xD83, CM),
(0xD85, 0xD96, AL),
(0xD9A, 0xDB1, AL),
(0xDB3, 0xDBB, AL),
(0xDBD, 0xDBD, AL),
(0xDC0, 0xDC6, AL),
(0xDCA, 0xDCA, CM),
(0xDCF, 0xDD1, CM),
(0xDD2, 0xDD4, CM),
(0xDD6, 0xDD6, CM),
(0xDD8, 0xDDF, CM),
(0xDE6, 0xDEF, NU),
(0xDF2, 0xDF3, CM),
(0xDF4, 0xDF4, AL),
(0xE01, 0xE30, SA),
(0xE31, 0xE31, SA),
(0xE32, 0xE33, SA),
(0xE34, 0xE3A, SA),
(0xE3F, 0xE3F, PR),
(0xE40, 0xE45, SA),
(0xE46, 0xE46, SA),
(0xE47, 0xE4E, SA),
(0xE4F, 0xE4F, AL),
(0xE50, 0xE59, NU),
(0xE5A, 0xE5B, BA),
(0xE81, 0xE82, SA),
(0xE84, 0xE84, SA),
(0xE86, 0xE8A, SA),
(0xE8C, 0xEA3, SA),
(0xEA5, 0xEA5, SA),
(0xEA7, 0xEB0, SA),
(0xEB1, 0xEB1, SA),
(0xEB2, 0xEB3, SA),
(0xEB4, 0xEBC, SA),
(0xEBD, 0xEBD, SA),
(0xEC0, 0xEC4, SA),
(0xEC6, 0xEC6, SA),
(0xEC8, 0xECD, SA),
(0xED0, 0xED9, NU),
(0xEDC, 0xEDF, SA),
(0xF00, 0xF00, AL),
(0xF01, 0xF03, BB),
(0xF04, 0xF04, BB),
(0xF05, 0xF05, AL),
(0xF06, 0xF07, BB),
(0xF08, 0xF08, GL),
(0xF09, 0xF0A, BB),
(0xF0B, 0xF0B, BA),
(0xF0C, 0xF0C, GL),
(0xF0D, 0xF11, EX),
(0xF12, 0xF12, GL),
(0xF13, 0xF13, AL),
(0xF14, 0xF14, EX),
(0xF15, 0xF17, AL),
(0xF18, 0xF19, CM),
(0xF1A, 0xF1F, AL),
(0xF20, 0xF29, NU),
(0xF2A, 0xF33, AL),
(0xF34, 0xF34, BA),
(0xF35, 0xF35, CM),
(0xF36, 0xF36, AL),
(0xF37, 0xF37, CM),
(0xF38, 0xF38, AL),
(0xF39, 0xF39, CM),
(0xF3A, 0xF3A, OP),
(0xF3B, 0xF3B, CL),
(0xF3C, 0xF3C, OP),
(0xF3D, 0xF3D, CL),
(0xF3E, 0xF3F, CM),
(0xF40, 0xF47, AL),
(0xF49, 0xF6C, AL),
(0xF71, 0xF7E, CM),
(0xF7F, 0xF7F, BA),
(0xF80, 0xF84, CM),
(0xF85, 0xF85, BA),
(0xF86, 0xF87, CM),
(0xF88, 0xF8C, AL),
(0xF8D, 0xF97, CM),
(0xF99, 0xFBC, CM),
(0xFBE, 0xFBF, BA),
(0xFC0, 0xFC5, AL),
(0xFC6, 0xFC6, CM),
(0xFC7, 0xFCC, AL),
(0xFCE, 0xFCF, AL),
(0xFD0, 0xFD1, BB),
(0xFD2, 0xFD2, BA),
(0xFD3, 0xFD3, BB),
(0xFD4, 0xFD4, AL),
(0xFD5, 0xFD8, AL),
(0xFD9, 0xFDA, GL),
(0x1000, 0x102A, SA),
(0x102B, 0x102C, SA),
(0x102D, 0x1030, SA),
(0x1031, 0x1031, SA),
(0x1032, 0x1037, SA),
(0x1038, 0x1038, SA),
(0x1039, 0x103A, SA),
(0x103B, 0x103C, SA),
(0x103D, 0x103E, SA),
(0x103F, 0x103F, SA),
(0x1040, 0x1049, NU),
(0x104A, 0x104B, BA),
(0x104C, 0x104F, AL),
(0x1050, 0x1055, SA),
(0x1056, 0x1057, SA),
(0x1058, 0x1059, SA),
(0x105A, 0x105D, SA),
(0x105E, 0x1060, SA),
(0x1061, 0x1061, SA),
(0x1062, 0x1064, SA),
(0x1065, 0x1066, SA),
(0x1067, 0x106D, SA),
(0x106E, 0x1070, SA),
(0x1071, 0x1074, SA),
(0x1075, 0x1081, SA),
(0x1082, 0x1082, SA),
(0x1083, 0x1084, SA),
(0x1085, 0x1086, SA),
(0x1087, 0x108C, SA),
(0x108D, 0x108D, SA),
(0x108E, 0x108E, SA),
(0x108F, 0x108F, SA),
(0x1090, 0x1099, NU),
(0x109A, 0x109C, SA),
(0x109D, 0x109D, SA),
(0x109E, 0x109F, SA),
(0x10A0, 0x10C5, AL),
(0x10C7, 0x10C7, AL),
(0x10CD, 0x10CD, AL),
(0x10D0, 0x10FA, AL),
(0x10FB, 0x10FB, AL),
(0x10FC, 0x10FC, AL),
(0x10FD, 0x10FF, AL),
(0x1100, 0x115F, JL),
(0x1160, 0x11A7, JV),
(0x11A8, 0x11FF, JT),
(0x1200, 0x1248, AL),
(0x124A, 0x124D, AL),
(0x1250, 0x1256, AL),
(0x1258, 0x1258, AL),
(0x125A, 0x125D, AL),
(0x1260, 0x1288, AL),
(0x128A, 0x128D, AL),
(0x1290, 0x12B0, AL),
(0x12B2, 0x12B5, AL),
(0x12B8, 0x12BE, AL),
(0x12C0, 0x12C0, AL),
(0x12C2, 0x12C5, AL),
(0x12C8, 0x12D6, AL),
(0x12D8, 0x1310, AL),
(0x1312, 0x1315, AL),
(0x1318, 0x135A, AL),
(0x135D, 0x135F, CM),
(0x1360, 0x1360, AL),
(0x1361, 0x1361, BA),
(0x1362, 0x1368, AL),
(0x1369, 0x137C, AL),
(0x1380, 0x138F, AL),
(0x1390, 0x1399, AL),
(0x13A0, 0x13F5, AL),
(0x13F8, 0x13FD, AL),
(0x1400, 0x1400, BA),
(0x1401, 0x166C, AL),
(0x166D, 0x166D, AL),
(0x166E, 0x166E, AL),
(0x166F, 0x167F, AL),
(0x1680, 0x1680, BA),
(0x1681, 0x169A, AL),
(0x169B, 0x169B, OP),
(0x169C, 0x169C, CL),
(0x16A0, 0x16EA, AL),
(0x16EB, 0x16ED, BA),
(0x16EE, 0x16F0, AL),
(0x16F1, 0x16F8, AL),
(0x1700, 0x170C, AL),
(0x170E, 0x1711, AL),
(0x1712, 0x1714, CM),
(0x1720, 0x1731, AL),
(0x1732, 0x1734, CM),
(0x1735, 0x1736, BA),
(0x1740, 0x1751, AL),
(0x1752, 0x1753, CM),
(0x1760, 0x176C, AL),
(0x176E, 0x1770, AL),
(0x1772, 0x1773, CM),
(0x1780, 0x17B3, SA),
(0x17B4, 0x17B5, SA),
(0x17B6, 0x17B6, SA),
(0x17B7, 0x17BD, SA),
(0x17BE, 0x17C5, SA),
(0x17C6, 0x17C6, SA),
(0x17C7, 0x17C8, SA),
(0x17C9, 0x17D3, SA),
(0x17D4, 0x17D5, BA),
(0x17D6, 0x17D6, NS),
(0x17D7, 0x17D7, SA),
(0x17D8, 0x17D8, BA),
(0x17D9, 0x17D9, AL),
(0x17DA, 0x17DA, BA),
(0x17DB, 0x17DB, PR),
(0x17DC, 0x17DC, SA),
(0x17DD, 0x17DD, SA),
(0x17E0, 0x17E9, NU),
(0x17F0, 0x17F9, AL),
(0x1800, 0x1801, AL),
(0x1802, 0x1803, EX),
(0x1804, 0x1805, BA),
(0x1806, 0x1806, BB),
(0x1807, 0x1807, AL),
(0x1808, 0x1809, EX),
(0x180A, 0x180A, AL),
(0x180B, 0x180D, CM),
(0x180E, 0x180E, GL),
(0x1810, 0x1819, NU),
(0x1820, 0x1842, AL),
(0x1843, 0x1843, AL),
(0x1844, 0x1878, AL),
(0x1880, 0x1884, AL),
(0x1885, 0x1886, CM),
(0x1887, 0x18A8, AL),
(0x18A9, 0x18A9, CM),
(0x18AA, 0x18AA, AL),
(0x18B0, 0x18F5, AL),
(0x1900, 0x191E, AL),
(0x1920, 0x1922, CM),
(0x1923, 0x1926, CM),
(0x1927, 0x1928, CM),
(0x1929, 0x192B, CM),
(0x1930, 0x1931, CM),
(0x1932, 0x1932, CM),
(0x1933, 0x1938, CM),
(0x1939, 0x193B, CM),
(0x1940, 0x1940, AL),
(0x1944, 0x1945, EX),
(0x1946, 0x194F, NU),
(0x1950, 0x196D, SA),
(0x1970, 0x1974, SA),
(0x1980, 0x19AB, SA),
(0x19B0, 0x19C9, SA),
(0x19D0, 0x19D9, NU),
(0x19DA, 0x19DA, SA),
(0x19DE, 0x19DF, SA),
(0x19E0, 0x19FF, AL),
(0x1A00, 0x1A16, AL),
(0x1A17, 0x1A18, CM),
(0x1A19, 0x1A1A, CM),
(0x1A1B, 0x1A1B, CM),
(0x1A1E, 0x1A1F, AL),
(0x1A20, 0x1A54, SA),
(0x1A55, 0x1A55, SA),
(0x1A56, 0x1A56, SA),
(0x1A57, 0x1A57, SA),
(0x1A58, 0x1A5E, SA),
(0x1A60, 0x1A60, SA),
(0x1A61, 0x1A61, SA),
(0x1A62, 0x1A62, SA),
(0x1A63, 0x1A64, SA),
(0x1A65, 0x1A6C, SA),
(0x1A6D, 0x1A72, SA),
(0x1A73, 0x1A7C, SA),
(0x1A7F, 0x1A7F, CM),
(0x1A80, 0x1A89, NU),
(0x1A90, 0x1A99, NU),
(0x1AA0, 0x1AA6, SA),
(0x1AA7, 0x1AA7, SA),
(0x1AA8, 0x1AAD, SA),
(0x1AB0, 0x1ABD, CM),
(0x1ABE, 0x1ABE, CM),
(0x1ABF, 0x1AC0, CM),
(0x1B00, 0x1B03, CM),
(0x1B04, 0x1B04, CM),
(0x1B05, 0x1B33, AL),
(0x1B34, 0x1B34, CM),
(0x1B35, 0x1B35, CM),
(0x1B36, 0x1B3A, CM),
(0x1B3B, 0x1B3B, CM),
(0x1B3C, 0x1B3C, CM),
(0x1B3D, 0x1B41, CM),
(0x1B42, 0x1B42, CM),
(0x1B43, 0x1B44, CM),
(0x1B45, 0x1B4B, AL),
(0x1B50, 0x1B59, NU),
(0x1B5A, 0x1B5B, BA),
(0x1B5C, 0x1B5C, AL),
(0x1B5D, 0x1B60, BA),
(0x1B61, 0x1B6A, AL),
(0x1B6B, 0x1B73, CM),
(0x1B74, 0x1B7C, AL),
(0x1B80, 0x1B81, CM),
(0x1B82, 0x1B82, CM),
(0x1B83, 0x1BA0, AL),
(0x1BA1, 0x1BA1, CM),
(0x1BA2, 0x1BA5, CM),
(0x1BA6, 0x1BA7, CM),
(0x1BA8, 0x1BA9, CM),
(0x1BAA, 0x1BAA, CM),
(0x1BAB, 0x1BAD, CM),
(0x1BAE, 0x1BAF, AL),
(0x1BB0, 0x1BB9, NU),
(0x1BBA, 0x1BBF, AL),
(0x1BC0, 0x1BE5, AL),
(0x1BE6, 0x1BE6, CM),
(0x1BE7, 0x1BE7, CM),
(0x1BE8, 0x1BE9, CM),
(0x1BEA, 0x1BEC, CM),
(0x1BED, 0x1BED, CM),
(0x1BEE, 0x1BEE, CM),
(0x1BEF, 0x1BF1, CM),
(0x1BF2, 0x1BF3, CM),
(0x1BFC, 0x1BFF, AL),
(0x1C00, 0x1C23, AL),
(0x1C24, 0x1C2B, CM),
(0x1C2C, 0x1C33, CM),
(0x1C34, 0x1C35, CM),
(0x1C36, 0x1C37, CM),
(0x1C3B, 0x1C3F, BA),
(0x1C40, 0x1C49, NU),
(0x1C4D, 0x1C4F, AL),
(0x1C50, 0x1C59, NU),
(0x1C5A, 0x1C77, AL),
(0x1C78, 0x1C7D, AL),
(0x1C7E, 0x1C7F, BA),
(0x1C80, 0x1C88, AL),
(0x1C90, 0x1CBA, AL),
(0x1CBD, 0x1CBF, AL),
(0x1CC0, 0x1CC7, AL),
(0x1CD0, 0x1CD2, CM),
(0x1CD3, 0x1CD3, AL),
(0x1CD4, 0x1CE0, CM),
(0x1CE1, 0x1CE1, CM),
(0x1CE2, 0x1CE8, CM),
(0x1CE9, 0x1CEC, AL),
(0x1CED, 0x1CED, CM),
(0x1CEE, 0x1CF3, AL),
(0x1CF4, 0x1CF4, CM),
(0x1CF5, 0x1CF6, AL),
(0x1CF7, 0x1CF7, CM),
(0x1CF8, 0x1CF9, CM),
(0x1CFA, 0x1CFA, AL),
(0x1D00, 0x1D2B, AL),
(0x1D2C, 0x1D6A, AL),
(0x1D6B, 0x1D77, AL),
(0x1D78, 0x1D78, AL),
(0x1D79, 0x1D7F, AL),
(0x1D80, 0x1D9A, AL),
(0x1D9B, 0x1DBF, AL),
(0x1DC0, 0x1DF9, CM),
(0x1DFB, 0x1DFF, CM),
(0x1E00, 0x1EFF, AL),
(0x1F00, 0x1F15, AL),
(0x1F18, 0x1F1D, AL),
(0x1F20, 0x1F45, AL),
(0x1F48, 0x1F4D, AL),
(0x1F50, 0x1F57, AL),
(0x1F59, 0x1F59, AL),
(0x1F5B, 0x1F5B, AL),
(0x1F5D, 0x1F5D, AL),
(0x1F5F, 0x1F7D, AL),
(0x1F80, 0x1FB4, AL),
(0x1FB6, 0x1FBC, AL),
(0x1FBD, 0x1FBD, AL),
(0x1FBE, 0x1FBE, AL),
(0x1FBF, 0x1FC1, AL),
(0x1FC2, 0x1FC4, AL),
(0x1FC6, 0x1FCC, AL),
(0x1FCD, 0x1FCF, AL),
(0x1FD0, 0x1FD3, AL),
(0x1FD6, 0x1FDB, AL),
(0x1FDD, 0x1FDF, AL),
(0x1FE0, 0x1FEC, AL),
(0x1FED, 0x1FEF, AL),
(0x1FF2, 0x1FF4, AL),
(0x1FF6, 0x1FFC, AL),
(0x1FFD, 0x1FFD, BB),
(0x1FFE, 0x1FFE, AL),
(0x2000, 0x2006, BA),
(0x2007, 0x2007, GL),
(0x2008, 0x200A, BA),
(0x200B, 0x200B, ZW),
(0x200C, 0x200C, CM),
(0x200D, 0x200D, ZW),
(0x200E, 0x200F, CM),
(0x2010, 0x2010, BA),
(0x2011, 0x2011, GL),
(0x2012, 0x2013, BA),
(0x2014, 0x2014, B2),
(0x2015, 0x2015, AI),
(0x2016, 0x2016, AI),
(0x2017, 0x2017, AL),
(0x2018, 0x2018, QU),
(0x2019, 0x2019, QU),
(0x201A, 0x201A, OP),
(0x201B, 0x201C, QU),
(0x201D, 0x201D, QU),
(0x201E, 0x201E, OP),
(0x201F, 0x201F, QU),
(0x2020, 0x2021, AI),
(0x2022, 0x2023, AL),
(0x2024, 0x2026, IN),
(0x2027, 0x2027, BA),
(0x2028, 0x2028, BK),
(0x2029, 0x2029, BK),
(0x202A, 0x202E, CM),
(0x202F, 0x202F, GL),
(0x2030, 0x2037, PO),
(0x2038, 0x2038, AL),
(0x2039, 0x2039, QU),
(0x203A, 0x203A, QU),
(0x203B, 0x203B, AI),
(0x203C, 0x203D, NS),
(0x203E, 0x203E, AL),
(0x203F, 0x2040, AL),
(0x2041, 0x2043, AL),
(0x2044, 0x2044, IS),
(0x2045, 0x2045, OP),
(0x2046, 0x2046, CL),
(0x2047, 0x2049, NS),
(0x204A, 0x2051, AL),
(0x2052, 0x2052, AL),
(0x2053, 0x2053, AL),
(0x2054, 0x2054, AL),
(0x2055, 0x2055, AL),
(0x2056, 0x2056, BA),
(0x2057, 0x2057, AL),
(0x2058, 0x205B, BA),
(0x205C, 0x205C, AL),
(0x205D, 0x205E, BA),
(0x205F, 0x205F, BA),
(0x2060, 0x2060, WJ),
(0x2061, 0x2064, AL),
(0x2066, 0x206F, CM),
(0x2070, 0x2070, AL),
(0x2071, 0x2071, AL),
(0x2074, 0x2074, AI),
(0x2075, 0x2079, AL),
(0x207A, 0x207C, AL),
(0x207D, 0x207D, OP),
(0x207E, 0x207E, CL),
(0x207F, 0x207F, AI),
(0x2080, 0x2080, AL),
(0x2081, 0x2084, AI),
(0x2085, 0x2089, AL),
(0x208A, 0x208C, AL),
(0x208D, 0x208D, OP),
(0x208E, 0x208E, CL),
(0x2090, 0x209C, AL),
(0x20A0, 0x20A6, PR),
(0x20A7, 0x20A7, PO),
(0x20A8, 0x20B5, PR),
(0x20B6, 0x20B6, PO),
(0x20B7, 0x20BA, PR),
(0x20BB, 0x20BB, PO),
(0x20BC, 0x20BD, PR),
(0x20BE, 0x20BE, PO),
(0x20BF, 0x20BF, PR),
(0x20C0, 0x20CF, PR),
(0x20D0, 0x20DC, CM),
(0x20DD, 0x20E0, CM),
(0x20E1, 0x20E1, CM),
(0x20E2, 0x20E4, CM),
(0x20E5, 0x20F0, CM),
(0x2100, 0x2101, AL),
(0x2102, 0x2102, AL),
(0x2103, 0x2103, PO),
(0x2104, 0x2104, AL),
(0x2105, 0x2105, AI),
(0x2106, 0x2106, AL),
(0x2107, 0x2107, AL),
(0x2108, 0x2108, AL),
(0x2109, 0x2109, PO),
(0x210A, 0x2112, AL),
(0x2113, 0x2113, AI),
(0x2114, 0x2114, AL),
(0x2115, 0x2115, AL),
(0x2116, 0x2116, PR),
(0x2117, 0x2117, AL),
(0x2118, 0x2118, AL),
(0x2119, 0x211D, AL),
(0x211E, 0x2120, AL),
(0x2121, 0x2122, AI),
(0x2123, 0x2123, AL),
(0x2124, 0x2124, AL),
(0x2125, 0x2125, AL),
(0x2126, 0x2126, AL),
(0x2127, 0x2127, AL),
(0x2128, 0x2128, AL),
(0x2129, 0x2129, AL),
(0x212A, 0x212A, AL),
(0x212B, 0x212B, AI),
(0x212C, 0x212D, AL),
(0x212E, 0x212E, AL),
(0x212F, 0x2134, AL),
(0x2135, 0x2138, AL),
(0x2139, 0x2139, AL),
(0x213A, 0x213B, AL),
(0x213C, 0x213F, AL),
(0x2140, 0x2144, AL),
(0x2145, 0x2149, AL),
(0x214A, 0x214A, AL),
(0x214B, 0x214B, AL),
(0x214C, 0x214D, AL),
(0x214E, 0x214E, AL),
(0x214F, 0x214F, AL),
(0x2150, 0x2153, AL),
(0x2154, 0x2155, AI),
(0x2156, 0x215A, AL),
(0x215B, 0x215B, AI),
(0x215C, 0x215D, AL),
(0x215E, 0x215E, AI),
(0x215F, 0x215F, AL),
(0x2160, 0x216B, AI),
(0x216C, 0x216F, AL),
(0x2170, 0x2179, AI),
(0x217A, 0x2182, AL),
(0x2183, 0x2184, AL),
(0x2185, 0x2188, AL),
(0x2189, 0x2189, AI),
(0x218A, 0x218B, AL),
(0x2190, 0x2194, AI),
(0x2195, 0x2199, AI),
(0x219A, 0x219B, AL),
(0x219C, 0x219F, AL),
(0x21A0, 0x21A0, AL),
(0x21A1, 0x21A2, AL),
(0x21A3, 0x21A3, AL),
(0x21A4, 0x21A5, AL),
(0x21A6, 0x21A6, AL),
(0x21A7, 0x21AD, AL),
(0x21AE, 0x21AE, AL),
(0x21AF, 0x21CD, AL),
(0x21CE, 0x21CF, AL),
(0x21D0, 0x21D1, AL),
(0x21D2, 0x21D2, AI),
(0x21D3, 0x21D3, AL),
(0x21D4, 0x21D4, AI),
(0x21D5, 0x21F3, AL),
(0x21F4, 0x21FF, AL),
(0x2200, 0x2200, AI),
(0x2201, 0x2201, AL),
(0x2202, 0x2203, AI),
(0x2204, 0x2206, AL),
(0x2207, 0x2208, AI),
(0x2209, 0x220A, AL),
(0x220B, 0x220B, AI),
(0x220C, 0x220E, AL),
(0x220F, 0x220F, AI),
(0x2210, 0x2210, AL),
(0x2211, 0x2211, AI),
(0x2212, 0x2213, PR),
(0x2214, 0x2214, AL),
(0x2215, 0x2215, AI),
(0x2216, 0x2219, AL),
(0x221A, 0x221A, AI),
(0x221B, 0x221C, AL),
(0x221D, 0x2220, AI),
(0x2221, 0x2222, AL),
(0x2223, 0x2223, AI),
(0x2224, 0x2224, AL),
(0x2225, 0x2225, AI),
(0x2226, 0x2226, AL),
(0x2227, 0x222C, AI),
(0x222D, 0x222D, AL),
(0x222E, 0x222E, AI),
(0x222F, 0x2233, AL),
(0x2234, 0x2237, AI),
(0x2238, 0x223B, AL),
(0x223C, 0x223D, AI),
(0x223E, 0x2247, AL),
(0x2248, 0x2248, AI),
(0x2249, 0x224B, AL),
(0x224C, 0x224C, AI),
(0x224D, 0x2251, AL),
(0x2252, 0x2252, AI),
(0x2253, 0x225F, AL),
(0x2260, 0x2261, AI),
(0x2262, 0x2263, AL),
(0x2264, 0x2267, AI),
(0x2268, 0x2269, AL),
(0x226A, 0x226B, AI),
(0x226C, 0x226D, AL),
(0x226E, 0x226F, AI),
(0x2270, 0x2281, AL),
(0x2282, 0x2283, AI),
(0x2284, 0x2285, AL),
(0x2286, 0x2287, AI),
(0x2288, 0x2294, AL),
(0x2295, 0x2295, AI),
(0x2296, 0x2298, AL),
(0x2299, 0x2299, AI),
(0x229A, 0x22A4, AL),
(0x22A5, 0x22A5, AI),
(0x22A6, 0x22BE, AL),
(0x22BF, 0x22BF, AI),
(0x22C0, 0x22EE, AL),
(0x22EF, 0x22EF, IN),
(0x22F0, 0x22FF, AL),
(0x2300, 0x2307, AL),
(0x2308, 0x2308, OP),
(0x2309, 0x2309, CL),
(0x230A, 0x230A, OP),
(0x230B, 0x230B, CL),
(0x230C, 0x2311, AL),
(0x2312, 0x2312, AI),
(0x2313, 0x2319, AL),
(0x231A, 0x231B, ID),
(0x231C, 0x231F, AL),
(0x2320, 0x2321, AL),
(0x2322, 0x2328, AL),
(0x2329, 0x2329, OP),
(0x232A, 0x232A, CL),
(0x232B, 0x237B, AL),
(0x237C, 0x237C, AL),
(0x237D, 0x239A, AL),
(0x239B, 0x23B3, AL),
(0x23B4, 0x23DB, AL),
(0x23DC, 0x23E1, AL),
(0x23E2, 0x23EF, AL),
(0x23F0, 0x23F3, ID),
(0x23F4, 0x23FF, AL),
(0x2400, 0x2426, AL),
(0x2440, 0x244A, AL),
(0x2460, 0x249B, AI),
(0x249C, 0x24E9, AI),
(0x24EA, 0x24FE, AI),
(0x24FF, 0x24FF, AL),
(0x2500, 0x254B, AI),
(0x254C, 0x254F, AL),
(0x2550, 0x2574, AI),
(0x2575, 0x257F, AL),
(0x2580, 0x258F, AI),
(0x2590, 0x2591, AL),
(0x2592, 0x2595, AI),
(0x2596, 0x259F, AL),
(0x25A0, 0x25A1, AI),
(0x25A2, 0x25A2, AL),
(0x25A3, 0x25A9, AI),
(0x25AA, 0x25B1, AL),
(0x25B2, 0x25B3, AI),
(0x25B4, 0x25B5, AL),
(0x25B6, 0x25B6, AI),
(0x25B7, 0x25B7, AI),
(0x25B8, 0x25BB, AL),
(0x25BC, 0x25BD, AI),
(0x25BE, 0x25BF, AL),
(0x25C0, 0x25C0, AI),
(0x25C1, 0x25C1, AI),
(0x25C2, 0x25C5, AL),
(0x25C6, 0x25C8, AI),
(0x25C9, 0x25CA, AL),
(0x25CB, 0x25CB, AI),
(0x25CC, 0x25CD, AL),
(0x25CE, 0x25D1, AI),
(0x25D2, 0x25E1, AL),
(0x25E2, 0x25E5, AI),
(0x25E6, 0x25EE, AL),
(0x25EF, 0x25EF, AI),
(0x25F0, 0x25F7, AL),
(0x25F8, 0x25FF, AL),
(0x2600, 0x2603, ID),
(0x2604, 0x2604, AL),
(0x2605, 0x2606, AI),
(0x2607, 0x2608, AL),
(0x2609, 0x2609, AI),
(0x260A, 0x260D, AL),
(0x260E, 0x260F, AI),
(0x2610, 0x2613, AL),
(0x2614, 0x2615, ID),
(0x2616, 0x2617, AI),
(0x2618, 0x2618, ID),
(0x2619, 0x2619, AL),
(0x261A, 0x261C, ID),
(0x261D, 0x261D, EB),
(0x261E, 0x261F, ID),
(0x2620, 0x2638, AL),
(0x2639, 0x263B, ID),
(0x263C, 0x263F, AL),
(0x2640, 0x2640, AI),
(0x2641, 0x2641, AL),
(0x2642, 0x2642, AI),
(0x2643, 0x265F, AL),
(0x2660, 0x2661, AI),
(0x2662, 0x2662, AL),
(0x2663, 0x2665, AI),
(0x2666, 0x2666, AL),
(0x2667, 0x2667, AI),
(0x2668, 0x2668, ID),
(0x2669, 0x266A, AI),
(0x266B, 0x266B, AL),
(0x266C, 0x266D, AI),
(0x266E, 0x266E, AL),
(0x266F, 0x266F, AI),
(0x2670, 0x267E, AL),
(0x267F, 0x267F, ID),
(0x2680, 0x269D, AL),
(0x269E, 0x269F, AI),
(0x26A0, 0x26BC, AL),
(0x26BD, 0x26C8, ID),
(0x26C9, 0x26CC, AI),
(0x26CD, 0x26CD, ID),
(0x26CE, 0x26CE, AL),
(0x26CF, 0x26D1, ID),
(0x26D2, 0x26D2, AI),
(0x26D3, 0x26D4, ID),
(0x26D5, 0x26D7, AI),
(0x26D8, 0x26D9, ID),
(0x26DA, 0x26DB, AI),
(0x26DC, 0x26DC, ID),
(0x26DD, 0x26DE, AI),
(0x26DF, 0x26E1, ID),
(0x26E2, 0x26E2, AL),
(0x26E3, 0x26E3, AI),
(0x26E4, 0x26E7, AL),
(0x26E8, 0x26E9, AI),
(0x26EA, 0x26EA, ID),
(0x26EB, 0x26F0, AI),
(0x26F1, 0x26F5, ID),
(0x26F6, 0x26F6, AI),
(0x26F7, 0x26F8, ID),
(0x26F9, 0x26F9, EB),
(0x26FA, 0x26FA, ID),
(0x26FB, 0x26FC, AI),
(0x26FD, 0x26FF, ID),
(0x2700, 0x2704, ID),
(0x2705, 0x2707, AL),
(0x2708, 0x2709, ID),
(0x270A, 0x270D, EB),
(0x270E, 0x2756, AL),
(0x2757, 0x2757, AI),
(0x2758, 0x275A, AL),
(0x275B, 0x2760, QU),
(0x2761, 0x2761, AL),
(0x2762, 0x2763, EX),
(0x2764, 0x2764, ID),
(0x2765, 0x2767, AL),
(0x2768, 0x2768, OP),
(0x2769, 0x2769, CL),
(0x276A, 0x276A, OP),
(0x276B, 0x276B, CL),
(0x276C, 0x276C, OP),
(0x276D, 0x276D, CL),
(0x276E, 0x276E, OP),
(0x276F, 0x276F, CL),
(0x2770, 0x2770, OP),
(0x2771, 0x2771, CL),
(0x2772, 0x2772, OP),
(0x2773, 0x2773, CL),
(0x2774, 0x2774, OP),
(0x2775, 0x2775, CL),
(0x2776, 0x2793, AI),
(0x2794, 0x27BF, AL),
(0x27C0, 0x27C4, AL),
(0x27C5, 0x27C5, OP),
(0x27C6, 0x27C6, CL),
(0x27C7, 0x27E5, AL),
(0x27E6, 0x27E6, OP),
(0x27E7, 0x27E7, CL),
(0x27E8, 0x27E8, OP),
(0x27E9, 0x27E9, CL),
(0x27EA, 0x27EA, OP),
(0x27EB, 0x27EB, CL),
(0x27EC, 0x27EC, OP),
(0x27ED, 0x27ED, CL),
(0x27EE, 0x27EE, OP),
(0x27EF, 0x27EF, CL),
(0x27F0, 0x27FF, AL),
(0x2800, 0x28FF, AL),
(0x2900, 0x297F, AL),
(0x2980, 0x2982, AL),
(0x2983, 0x2983, OP),
(0x2984, 0x2984, CL),
(0x2985, 0x2985, OP),
(0x2986, 0x2986, CL),
(0x2987, 0x2987, OP),
(0x2988, 0x2988, CL),
(0x2989, 0x2989, OP),
(0x298A, 0x298A, CL),
(0x298B, 0x298B, OP),
(0x298C, 0x298C, CL),
(0x298D, 0x298D, OP),
(0x298E, 0x298E, CL),
(0x298F, 0x298F, OP),
(0x2990, 0x2990, CL),
(0x2991, 0x2991, OP),
(0x2992, 0x2992, CL),
(0x2993, 0x2993, OP),
(0x2994, 0x2994, CL),
(0x2995, 0x2995, OP),
(0x2996, 0x2996, CL),
(0x2997, 0x2997, OP),
(0x2998, 0x2998, CL),
(0x2999, 0x29D7, AL),
(0x29D8, 0x29D8, OP),
(0x29D9, 0x29D9, CL),
(0x29DA, 0x29DA, OP),
(0x29DB, 0x29DB, CL),
(0x29DC, 0x29FB, AL),
(0x29FC, 0x29FC, OP),
(0x29FD, 0x29FD, CL),
(0x29FE, 0x29FF, AL),
(0x2A00, 0x2AFF, AL),
(0x2B00, 0x2B2F, AL),
(0x2B30, 0x2B44, AL),
(0x2B45, 0x2B46, AL),
(0x2B47, 0x2B4C, AL),
(0x2B4D, 0x2B54, AL),
(0x2B55, 0x2B59, AI),
(0x2B5A, 0x2B73, AL),
(0x2B76, 0x2B95, AL),
(0x2B97, 0x2BFF, AL),
(0x2C00, 0x2C2E, AL),
(0x2C30, 0x2C5E, AL),
(0x2C60, 0x2C7B, AL),
(0x2C7C, 0x2C7D, AL),
(0x2C7E, 0x2C7F, AL),
(0x2C80, 0x2CE4, AL),
(0x2CE5, 0x2CEA, AL),
(0x2CEB, 0x2CEE, AL),
(0x2CEF, 0x2CF1, CM),
(0x2CF2, 0x2CF3, AL),
(0x2CF9, 0x2CF9, EX),
(0x2CFA, 0x2CFC, BA),
(0x2CFD, 0x2CFD, AL),
(0x2CFE, 0x2CFE, EX),
(0x2CFF, 0x2CFF, BA),
(0x2D00, 0x2D25, AL),
(0x2D27, 0x2D27, AL),
(0x2D2D, 0x2D2D, AL),
(0x2D30, 0x2D67, AL),
(0x2D6F, 0x2D6F, AL),
(0x2D70, 0x2D70, BA),
(0x2D7F, 0x2D7F, CM),
(0x2D80, 0x2D96, AL),
(0x2DA0, 0x2DA6, AL),
(0x2DA8, 0x2DAE, AL),
(0x2DB0, 0x2DB6, AL),
(0x2DB8, 0x2DBE, AL),
(0x2DC0, 0x2DC6, AL),
(0x2DC8, 0x2DCE, AL),
(0x2DD0, 0x2DD6, AL),
(0x2DD8, 0x2DDE, AL),
(0x2DE0, 0x2DFF, CM),
(0x2E00, 0x2E01, QU),
(0x2E02, 0x2E02, QU),
(0x2E03, 0x2E03, QU),
(0x2E04, 0x2E04, QU),
(0x2E05, 0x2E05, QU),
(0x2E06, 0x2E08, QU),
(0x2E09, 0x2E09, QU),
(0x2E0A, 0x2E0A, QU),
(0x2E0B, 0x2E0B, QU),
(0x2E0C, 0x2E0C, QU),
(0x2E0D, 0x2E0D, QU),
(0x2E0E, 0x2E15, BA),
(0x2E16, 0x2E16, AL),
(0x2E17, 0x2E17, BA),
(0x2E18, 0x2E18, OP),
(0x2E19, 0x2E19, BA),
(0x2E1A, 0x2E1A, AL),
(0x2E1B, 0x2E1B, AL),
(0x2E1C, 0x2E1C, QU),
(0x2E1D, 0x2E1D, QU),
(0x2E1E, 0x2E1F, AL),
(0x2E20, 0x2E20, QU),
(0x2E21, 0x2E21, QU),
(0x2E22, 0x2E22, OP),
(0x2E23, 0x2E23, CL),
(0x2E24, 0x2E24, OP),
(0x2E25, 0x2E25, CL),
(0x2E26, 0x2E26, OP),
(0x2E27, 0x2E27, CL),
(0x2E28, 0x2E28, OP),
(0x2E29, 0x2E29, CL),
(0x2E2A, 0x2E2D, BA),
(0x2E2E, 0x2E2E, EX),
(0x2E2F, 0x2E2F, AL),
(0x2E30, 0x2E31, BA),
(0x2E32, 0x2E32, AL),
(0x2E33, 0x2E34, BA),
(0x2E35, 0x2E39, AL),
(0x2E3A, 0x2E3B, B2),
(0x2E3C, 0x2E3E, BA),
(0x2E3F, 0x2E3F, AL),
(0x2E40, 0x2E40, BA),
(0x2E41, 0x2E41, BA),
(0x2E42, 0x2E42, OP),
(0x2E43, 0x2E4A, BA),
(0x2E4B, 0x2E4B, AL),
(0x2E4C, 0x2E4C, BA),
(0x2E4D, 0x2E4D, AL),
(0x2E4E, 0x2E4F, BA),
(0x2E50, 0x2E51, AL),
(0x2E52, 0x2E52, AL),
(0x2E80, 0x2E99, ID),
(0x2E9B, 0x2EF3, ID),
(0x2F00, 0x2FD5, ID),
(0x2FF0, 0x2FFB, ID),
(0x3000, 0x3000, BA),
(0x3001, 0x3002, CL),
(0x3003, 0x3003, ID),
(0x3004, 0x3004, ID),
(0x3005, 0x3005, NS),
(0x3006, 0x3006, ID),
(0x3007, 0x3007, ID),
(0x3008, 0x3008, OP),
(0x3009, 0x3009, CL),
(0x300A, 0x300A, OP),
(0x300B, 0x300B, CL),
(0x300C, 0x300C, OP),
(0x300D, 0x300D, CL),
(0x300E, 0x300E, OP),
(0x300F, 0x300F, CL),
(0x3010, 0x3010, OP),
(0x3011, 0x3011, CL),
(0x3012, 0x3013, ID),
(0x3014, 0x3014, OP),
(0x3015, 0x3015, CL),
(0x3016, 0x3016, OP),
(0x3017, 0x3017, CL),
(0x3018, 0x3018, OP),
(0x3019, 0x3019, CL),
(0x301A, 0x301A, OP),
(0x301B, 0x301B, CL),
(0x301C, 0x301C, NS),
(0x301D, 0x301D, OP),
(0x301E, 0x301F, CL),
(0x3020, 0x3020, ID),
(0x3021, 0x3029, ID),
(0x302A, 0x302D, CM),
(0x302E, 0x302F, CM),
(0x3030, 0x3030, ID),
(0x3031, 0x3034, ID),
(0x3035, 0x3035, CM),
(0x3036, 0x3037, ID),
(0x3038, 0x303A, ID),
(0x303B, 0x303B, NS),
(0x303C, 0x303C, NS),
(0x303D, 0x303D, ID),
(0x303E, 0x303F, ID),
(0x3041, 0x3041, CJ),
(0x3042, 0x3042, ID),
(0x3043, 0x3043, CJ),
(0x3044, 0x3044, ID),
(0x3045, 0x3045, CJ),
(0x3046, 0x3046, ID),
(0x3047, 0x3047, CJ),
(0x3048, 0x3048, ID),
(0x3049, 0x3049, CJ),
(0x304A, 0x3062, ID),
(0x3063, 0x3063, CJ),
(0x3064, 0x3082, ID),
(0x3083, 0x3083, CJ),
(0x3084, 0x3084, ID),
(0x3085, 0x3085, CJ),
(0x3086, 0x3086, ID),
(0x3087, 0x3087, CJ),
(0x3088, 0x308D, ID),
(0x308E, 0x308E, CJ),
(0x308F, 0x3094, ID),
(0x3095, 0x3096, CJ),
(0x3099, 0x309A, CM),
(0x309B, 0x309C, NS),
(0x309D, 0x309E, NS),
(0x309F, 0x309F, ID),
(0x30A0, 0x30A0, NS),
(0x30A1, 0x30A1, CJ),
(0x30A2, 0x30A2, ID),
(0x30A3, 0x30A3, CJ),
(0x30A4, 0x30A4, ID),
(0x30A5, 0x30A5, CJ),
(0x30A6, 0x30A6, ID),
(0x30A7, 0x30A7, CJ),
(0x30A8, 0x30A8, ID),
(0x30A9, 0x30A9, CJ),
(0x30AA, 0x30C2, ID),
(0x30C3, 0x30C3, CJ),
(0x30C4, 0x30E2, ID),
(0x30E3, 0x30E3, CJ),
(0x30E4, 0x30E4, ID),
(0x30E5, 0x30E5, CJ),
(0x30E6, 0x30E6, ID),
(0x30E7, 0x30E7, CJ),
(0x30E8, 0x30ED, ID),
(0x30EE, 0x30EE, CJ),
(0x30EF, 0x30F4, ID),
(0x30F5, 0x30F6, CJ),
(0x30F7, 0x30FA, ID),
(0x30FB, 0x30FB, NS),
(0x30FC, 0x30FC, CJ),
(0x30FD, 0x30FE, NS),
(0x30FF, 0x30FF, ID),
(0x3105, 0x312F, ID),
(0x3131, 0x318E, ID),
(0x3190, 0x3191, ID),
(0x3192, 0x3195, ID),
(0x3196, 0x319F, ID),
(0x31A0, 0x31BF, ID),
(0x31C0, 0x31E3, ID),
(0x31F0, 0x31FF, CJ),
(0x3200, 0x321E, ID),
(0x3220, 0x3229, ID),
(0x322A, 0x3247, ID),
(0x3248, 0x324F, AI),
(0x3250, 0x3250, ID),
(0x3251, 0x325F, ID),
(0x3260, 0x327F, ID),
(0x3280, 0x3289, ID),
(0x328A, 0x32B0, ID),
(0x32B1, 0x32BF, ID),
(0x32C0, 0x32FF, ID),
(0x3300, 0x33FF, ID),
(0x3400, 0x4DBF, ID),
(0x4DC0, 0x4DFF, AL),
(0x4E00, 0x9FFC, ID),
(0x9FFD, 0x9FFF, ID),
(0xA000, 0xA014, ID),
(0xA015, 0xA015, NS),
(0xA016, 0xA48C, ID),
(0xA490, 0xA4C6, ID),
(0xA4D0, 0xA4F7, AL),
(0xA4F8, 0xA4FD, AL),
(0xA4FE, 0xA4FF, BA),
(0xA500, 0xA60B, AL),
(0xA60C, 0xA60C, AL),
(0xA60D, 0xA60D, BA),
(0xA60E, 0xA60E, EX),
(0xA60F, 0xA60F, BA),
(0xA610, 0xA61F, AL),
(0xA620, 0xA629, NU),
(0xA62A, 0xA62B, AL),
(0xA640, 0xA66D, AL),
(0xA66E, 0xA66E, AL),
(0xA66F, 0xA66F, CM),
(0xA670, 0xA672, CM),
(0xA673, 0xA673, AL),
(0xA674, 0xA67D, CM),
(0xA67E, 0xA67E, AL),
(0xA67F, 0xA67F, AL),
(0xA680, 0xA69B, AL),
(0xA69C, 0xA69D, AL),
(0xA69E, 0xA69F, CM),
(0xA6A0, 0xA6E5, AL),
(0xA6E6, 0xA6EF, AL),
(0xA6F0, 0xA6F1, CM),
(0xA6F2, 0xA6F2, AL),
(0xA6F3, 0xA6F7, BA),
(0xA700, 0xA716, AL),
(0xA717, 0xA71F, AL),
(0xA720, 0xA721, AL),
(0xA722, 0xA76F, AL),
(0xA770, 0xA770, AL),
(0xA771, 0xA787, AL),
(0xA788, 0xA788, AL),
(0xA789, 0xA78A, AL),
(0xA78B, 0xA78E, AL),
(0xA78F, 0xA78F, AL),
(0xA790, 0xA7BF, AL),
(0xA7C2, 0xA7CA, AL),
(0xA7F5, 0xA7F6, AL),
(0xA7F7, 0xA7F7, AL),
(0xA7F8, 0xA7F9, AL),
(0xA7FA, 0xA7FA, AL),
(0xA7FB, 0xA7FF, AL),
(0xA800, 0xA801, AL),
(0xA802, 0xA802, CM),
(0xA803, 0xA805, AL),
(0xA806, 0xA806, CM),
(0xA807, 0xA80A, AL),
(0xA80B, 0xA80B, CM),
(0xA80C, 0xA822, AL),
(0xA823, 0xA824, CM),
(0xA825, 0xA826, CM),
(0xA827, 0xA827, CM),
(0xA828, 0xA82B, AL),
(0xA82C, 0xA82C, CM),
(0xA830, 0xA835, AL),
(0xA836, 0xA837, AL),
(0xA838, 0xA838, PO),
(0xA839, 0xA839, AL),
(0xA840, 0xA873, AL),
(0xA874, 0xA875, BB),
(0xA876, 0xA877, EX),
(0xA880, 0xA881, CM),
(0xA882, 0xA8B3, AL),
(0xA8B4, 0xA8C3, CM),
(0xA8C4, 0xA8C5, CM),
(0xA8CE, 0xA8CF, BA),
(0xA8D0, 0xA8D9, NU),
(0xA8E0, 0xA8F1, CM),
(0xA8F2, 0xA8F7, AL),
(0xA8F8, 0xA8FA, AL),
(0xA8FB, 0xA8FB, AL),
(0xA8FC, 0xA8FC, BB),
(0xA8FD, 0xA8FE, AL),
(0xA8FF, 0xA8FF, CM),
(0xA900, 0xA909, NU),
(0xA90A, 0xA925, AL),
(0xA926, 0xA92D, CM),
(0xA92E, 0xA92F, BA),
(0xA930, 0xA946, AL),
(0xA947, 0xA951, CM),
(0xA952, 0xA953, CM),
(0xA95F, 0xA95F, AL),
(0xA960, 0xA97C, JL),
(0xA980, 0xA982, CM),
(0xA983, 0xA983, CM),
(0xA984, 0xA9B2, AL),
(0xA9B3, 0xA9B3, CM),
(0xA9B4, 0xA9B5, CM),
(0xA9B6, 0xA9B9, CM),
(0xA9BA, 0xA9BB, CM),
(0xA9BC, 0xA9BD, CM),
(0xA9BE, 0xA9C0, CM),
(0xA9C1, 0xA9C6, AL),
(0xA9C7, 0xA9C9, BA),
(0xA9CA, 0xA9CD, AL),
(0xA9CF, 0xA9CF, AL),
(0xA9D0, 0xA9D9, NU),
(0xA9DE, 0xA9DF, AL),
(0xA9E0, 0xA9E4, SA),
(0xA9E5, 0xA9E5, SA),
(0xA9E6, 0xA9E6, SA),
(0xA9E7, 0xA9EF, SA),
(0xA9F0, 0xA9F9, NU),
(0xA9FA, 0xA9FE, SA),
(0xAA00, 0xAA28, AL),
(0xAA29, 0xAA2E, CM),
(0xAA2F, 0xAA30, CM),
(0xAA31, 0xAA32, CM),
(0xAA33, 0xAA34, CM),
(0xAA35, 0xAA36, CM),
(0xAA40, 0xAA42, AL),
(0xAA43, 0xAA43, CM),
(0xAA44, 0xAA4B, AL),
(0xAA4C, 0xAA4C, CM),
(0xAA4D, 0xAA4D, CM),
(0xAA50, 0xAA59, NU),
(0xAA5C, 0xAA5C, AL),
(0xAA5D, 0xAA5F, BA),
(0xAA60, 0xAA6F, SA),
(0xAA70, 0xAA70, SA),
(0xAA71, 0xAA76, SA),
(0xAA77, 0xAA79, SA),
(0xAA7A, 0xAA7A, SA),
(0xAA7B, 0xAA7B, SA),
(0xAA7C, 0xAA7C, SA),
(0xAA7D, 0xAA7D, SA),
(0xAA7E, 0xAA7F, SA),
(0xAA80, 0xAAAF, SA),
(0xAAB0, 0xAAB0, SA),
(0xAAB1, 0xAAB1, SA),
(0xAAB2, 0xAAB4, SA),
(0xAAB5, 0xAAB6, SA),
(0xAAB7, 0xAAB8, SA),
(0xAAB9, 0xAABD, SA),
(0xAABE, 0xAABF, SA),
(0xAAC0, 0xAAC0, SA),
(0xAAC1, 0xAAC1, SA),
(0xAAC2, 0xAAC2, SA),
(0xAADB, 0xAADC, SA),
(0xAADD, 0xAADD, SA),
(0xAADE, 0xAADF, SA),
(0xAAE0, 0xAAEA, AL),
(0xAAEB, 0xAAEB, CM),
(0xAAEC, 0xAAED, CM),
(0xAAEE, 0xAAEF, CM),
(0xAAF0, 0xAAF1, BA),
(0xAAF2, 0xAAF2, AL),
(0xAAF3, 0xAAF4, AL),
(0xAAF5, 0xAAF5, CM),
(0xAAF6, 0xAAF6, CM),
(0xAB01, 0xAB06, AL),
(0xAB09, 0xAB0E, AL),
(0xAB11, 0xAB16, AL),
(0xAB20, 0xAB26, AL),
(0xAB28, 0xAB2E, AL),
(0xAB30, 0xAB5A, AL),
(0xAB5B, 0xAB5B, AL),
(0xAB5C, 0xAB5F, AL),
(0xAB60, 0xAB68, AL),
(0xAB69, 0xAB69, AL),
(0xAB6A, 0xAB6B, AL),
(0xAB70, 0xABBF, AL),
(0xABC0, 0xABE2, AL),
(0xABE3, 0xABE4, CM),
(0xABE5, 0xABE5, CM),
(0xABE6, 0xABE7, CM),
(0xABE8, 0xABE8, CM),
(0xABE9, 0xABEA, CM),
(0xABEB, 0xABEB, BA),
(0xABEC, 0xABEC, CM),
(0xABED, 0xABED, CM),
(0xABF0, 0xABF9, NU),
(0xAC00, 0xAC00, H2),
(0xAC01, 0xAC1B, H3),
(0xAC1C, 0xAC1C, H2),
(0xAC1D, 0xAC37, H3),
(0xAC38, 0xAC38, H2),
(0xAC39, 0xAC53, H3),
(0xAC54, 0xAC54, H2),
(0xAC55, 0xAC6F, H3),
(0xAC70, 0xAC70, H2),
(0xAC71, 0xAC8B, H3),
(0xAC8C, 0xAC8C, H2),
(0xAC8D, 0xACA7, H3),
(0xACA8, 0xACA8, H2),
(0xACA9, 0xACC3, H3),
(0xACC4, 0xACC4, H2),
(0xACC5, 0xACDF, H3),
(0xACE0, 0xACE0, H2),
(0xACE1, 0xACFB, H3),
(0xACFC, 0xACFC, H2),
(0xACFD, 0xAD17, H3),
(0xAD18, 0xAD18, H2),
(0xAD19, 0xAD33, H3),
(0xAD34, 0xAD34, H2),
(0xAD35, 0xAD4F, H3),
(0xAD50, 0xAD50, H2),
(0xAD51, 0xAD6B, H3),
(0xAD6C, 0xAD6C, H2),
(0xAD6D, 0xAD87, H3),
(0xAD88, 0xAD88, H2),
(0xAD89, 0xADA3, H3),
(0xADA4, 0xADA4, H2),
(0xADA5, 0xADBF, H3),
(0xADC0, 0xADC0, H2),
(0xADC1, 0xADDB, H3),
(0xADDC, 0xADDC, H2),
(0xADDD, 0xADF7, H3),
(0xADF8, 0xADF8, H2),
(0xADF9, 0xAE13, H3),
(0xAE14, 0xAE14, H2),
(0xAE15, 0xAE2F, H3),
(0xAE30, 0xAE30, H2),
(0xAE31, 0xAE4B, H3),
(0xAE4C, 0xAE4C, H2),
(0xAE4D, 0xAE67, H3),
(0xAE68, 0xAE68, H2),
(0xAE69, 0xAE83, H3),
(0xAE84, 0xAE84, H2),
(0xAE85, 0xAE9F, H3),
(0xAEA0, 0xAEA0, H2),
(0xAEA1, 0xAEBB, H3),
(0xAEBC, 0xAEBC, H2),
(0xAEBD, 0xAED7, H3),
(0xAED8, 0xAED8, H2),
(0xAED9, 0xAEF3, H3),
(0xAEF4, 0xAEF4, H2),
(0xAEF5, 0xAF0F, H3),
(0xAF10, 0xAF10, H2),
(0xAF11, 0xAF2B, H3),
(0xAF2C, 0xAF2C, H2),
(0xAF2D, 0xAF47, H3),
(0xAF48, 0xAF48, H2),
(0xAF49, 0xAF63, H3),
(0xAF64, 0xAF64, H2),
(0xAF65, 0xAF7F, H3),
(0xAF80, 0xAF80, H2),
(0xAF81, 0xAF9B, H3),
(0xAF9C, 0xAF9C, H2),
(0xAF9D, 0xAFB7, H3),
(0xAFB8, 0xAFB8, H2),
(0xAFB9, 0xAFD3, H3),
(0xAFD4, 0xAFD4, H2),
(0xAFD5, 0xAFEF, H3),
(0xAFF0, 0xAFF0, H2),
(0xAFF1, 0xB00B, H3),
(0xB00C, 0xB00C, H2),
(0xB00D, 0xB027, H3),
(0xB028, 0xB028, H2),
(0xB029, 0xB043, H3),
(0xB044, 0xB044, H2),
(0xB045, 0xB05F, H3),
(0xB060, 0xB060, H2),
(0xB061, 0xB07B, H3),
(0xB07C, 0xB07C, H2),
(0xB07D, 0xB097, H3),
(0xB098, 0xB098, H2),
(0xB099, 0xB0B3, H3),
(0xB0B4, 0xB0B4, H2),
(0xB0B5, 0xB0CF, H3),
(0xB0D0, 0xB0D0, H2),
(0xB0D1, 0xB0EB, H3),
(0xB0EC, 0xB0EC, H2),
(0xB0ED, 0xB107, H3),
(0xB108, 0xB108, H2),
(0xB109, 0xB123, H3),
(0xB124, 0xB124, H2),
(0xB125, 0xB13F, H3),
(0xB140, 0xB140, H2),
(0xB141, 0xB15B, H3),
(0xB15C, 0xB15C, H2),
(0xB15D, 0xB177, H3),
(0xB178, 0xB178, H2),
(0xB179, 0xB193, H3),
(0xB194, 0xB194, H2),
(0xB195, 0xB1AF, H3),
(0xB1B0, 0xB1B0, H2),
(0xB1B1, 0xB1CB, H3),
(0xB1CC, 0xB1CC, H2),
(0xB1CD, 0xB1E7, H3),
(0xB1E8, 0xB1E8, H2),
(0xB1E9, 0xB203, H3),
(0xB204, 0xB204, H2),
(0xB205, 0xB21F, H3),
(0xB220, 0xB220, H2),
(0xB221, 0xB23B, H3),
(0xB23C, 0xB23C, H2),
(0xB23D, 0xB257, H3),
(0xB258, 0xB258, H2),
(0xB259, 0xB273, H3),
(0xB274, 0xB274, H2),
(0xB275, 0xB28F, H3),
(0xB290, 0xB290, H2),
(0xB291, 0xB2AB, H3),
(0xB2AC, 0xB2AC, H2),
(0xB2AD, 0xB2C7, H3),
(0xB2C8, 0xB2C8, H2),
(0xB2C9, 0xB2E3, H3),
(0xB2E4, 0xB2E4, H2),
(0xB2E5, 0xB2FF, H3),
(0xB300, 0xB300, H2),
(0xB301, 0xB31B, H3),
(0xB31C, 0xB31C, H2),
(0xB31D, 0xB337, H3),
(0xB338, 0xB338, H2),
(0xB339, 0xB353, H3),
(0xB354, 0xB354, H2),
(0xB355, 0xB36F, H3),
(0xB370, 0xB370, H2),
(0xB371, 0xB38B, H3),
(0xB38C, 0xB38C, H2),
(0xB38D, 0xB3A7, H3),
(0xB3A8, 0xB3A8, H2),
(0xB3A9, 0xB3C3, H3)