• pre-alpha-0.3.2 b7edec0274

    pre-alpha-0.3.2 Pre-Release

    Manos Pitsidianakis released this 4 years ago | 1329 commits to master since this release


    • e35a933 Add GPG signing and sig verifying
    • 963fdd1 Add Cargo.lock
    • 5a262f3 maildir: check for already moved mail before moving from new/ to cur/
    • 2501296 Decode attachment names if need be
    • 19ec6e5 Don't show notification for seen or draft Envelopes
    • d8ada69 compose: don't lose draft if Draft folder isn't available;
      instead save it somewhere else
    • d44a68e ui: don't quit if editing a draft
    • 713c4f7 conf: add editor_cmd setting
    • 9d69a06 melib: add shell variable etc expansion in paths