• Pre-Release alpha-0.6.2 6ccb4e9544


    epilys released this 2 years ago | 356 commits to master since this release


    • Add customizable mailbox tree in sidebar
    • Make dbus dependency opt-out (feature is dbus-notifications)
    • Implemented JMAP async, search, tagging, syncing
    • Preserve account order from configuration file
    • Implemented IMAP CONDSTORE support for IMAP cache
    • Add timeout setting for IMAP
    • Implement TCP keepalive for IMAP
    • Rewrote email address parsers.
    • Implement copy_messages for maildir
    • Implement selection with motions


    • Fixed various problems with IMAP cache
    • Fixed various problems with IMAP message counts
    • Fixed various problems with IMAP connection hanging
    • Fixed IMAP not reconnecting on dropped IDLE connections
    • Fixed various problems with notmuch backend