• Pre-Release alpha-0.4.1 40e928dad3


    epilys released this 3 years ago | 1014 commits to master since this release


    • a130871 0eaf178 f632bc4 c6f1fa9 dab9b39 fdb42cf 258b6c8 melib: add tags() method in MailBackend
    • b54bd6d ui: pass search to libnotmuch for notmuch accounts
    • 3ae4381 ui: user-configured colors for tags in mail listings
    • 49dccb9 bin: add notmuch feature compile flag
    • 4048eab ui/conf: Add include file macro to configuration
    • ba52c59 bin: add backend specific validation functions for --test-config flag
    • 81b7195 ui: add Ctrl-* Alt-* and F1..F12 parsers and tests
    • afff63c ui: load vcards to addressbook with vcard_folder account setting
    • 6893276 melib/vcard: add parser for vcard files
    • 9a516e0 ui/text_editing: add Ctrl-{f,b,u} readline shortcuts

    Small fixes and improvements:

    • 46a807e melib: remove control characters from subject
    • d376f83 ui/conversations: fix padding left unpainted
    • d048d85 ui: add format=flowed if text/plain att is the only one
    • c431fb6 ui: use BoundsIterator in clear_area
    • 9d8d3e0 melib: remove unused methods from BackendOp
    • 3a3b815 ui/accounts: add save_special method for mail
    • a059e4a melib: add summary field to MeliError
    • 16ccff0 ui: add RowIterator and BoundsIterator for CellBuffer
    • 6653357 melib/notmuch: fix compilation errors
    • 0b845a0 Small fixes
    • d4f20b0 Fix Raw envelope view starting one line line earlier
    • bb486ca melib: Remove quotes from addresses in email/parser.rs
    • 3dfb2f4 melib: fix out-of-bounds parser bug
    • 15348fb meli.1: add contacts doc
    • 8a17eee ui/compose: don't save sent mail with Draft flag
    • 58209d6 Replace some panics with errors
    • 4677f9c melib/imap: initialise uid_store folders in folders()
    • 2199726 Retidy shortcuts