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  • IMAP
    Related to the IMAP backend
  • JMAP
    Related to the JMAP backend
  • Maildir
    Related to the Maildir backend
  • bsd
    *BSD target
  • bug
    Something is not working
  • contacts
  • currently worked on
    Stuff I am working on right now
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  • duplicate
    This issue or pull request already exists
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    Non-complex issues
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    New feature
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    Need some help
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    Something is wrong
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  • macos
    apple-darwin target
  • mbox
    Related to the mbox backend
  • notmuch
    Related to the notmuch backend
  • question
    More information is needed
  • security
  • wishlist
    New features that would be cool to have, but are not priority
  • wontfix
    This won't be fixed