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@ -119,6 +119,38 @@ directory instead and you will be notified of its location.
To open a draft for editing later, select your draft in the mail listing and press
.Cm e Ns
meli, if built with sqlite3, includes the ability to perform full text search on the following fields: From, To, Cc, Bcc, In-Reply-To, References, Subject and Date. The message body (in plain text human readable form) and the flags can also be queried. To create the sqlite3 index issue command
.Ic index Ar ACCOUNT_NAME Ns \&.
To search in the message body type your keywords without any special formatting.
To search in specific fields, prepend your search keyword with "field:" like so:
.D1 subject:helloooo or subject:\&"call for help\&" or \&"You remind me today of a small, Mexican chihuahua.\&"
.D1 not ((from:unrealistic and (to:complex or not "query")) or flags:seen,draft)
.D1 alladdresses:mailing@list.tld and cc:me@domain.tld
Boolean operators are
.Em or Ns
.Em and
.Em not
.Em !
String keywords with spaces must be quoted. Quotes should always be escaped.
.Sy Important Notice about IMAP
To prevent downloading all your messages from your IMAP server, don't set
.Em cache_type
.Em sqlite3 Ns
\&. meli will relay your queries to the IMAP server. Expect a delay between query and response. Sqlite3 on the contrary at reasonable mailbox sizes should have a non noticable delay.
.Sh EXECUTE mode
Commands are issued in EXECUTE mode, by default started with the space character and exited with Escape key.

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@ -120,6 +120,9 @@ shows one row per thread
.It Cm read_only Ar boolean
attempt to not make any changes to this account.
.Pq Em false
.It Cm cache_type Ar String
choose which cache backend to use. Available options are 'none' and 'sqlite3'
.Pq Em "sqlite3"
.It Cm folders Ar folder_config
(optional) configuration for each folder. Its format is described below in