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v0.3.0 release - Now with IMAP, xbiff support v0.3.0 release - Now with IMAP, xbiff support epilys 2019-09-16 00:00:00 2019-09-16T00:00:00+02:00 What if bees seized the means of reduction?
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/images/screenshots/conversations-view-open-thread.webp Viewing a thread.
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/images/xbiff.gif co-operation with modern tools is a priority

Get meli v0.3.0 meli is now a make && make PREFIX=$HOME/.local install away!

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  • IMAP support. Unpolished and experimental.
  • xbiff support
  • added portable Makefile for installation
  • added manual page for the configuration file meli.conf(5)
  • various configuration changes can be seen in meli.conf(5)
  • add conversations thread mailing view: a one entry per thread listing, but entries are less compact; they take 3 rows. Pager opens on the right. Intended for big terminals.
  • added folder operations (create, delete, rename)
  • added special use semantics for mailboxes: you can specify which mailboxes are special, eg specify INBOX/Sent as the Sent folder, INBOX/Drafts as Drafts, etc. This is optional as it in most cases it can be inferred by the names.
  • add folder subscriptions: don't load all folders on startup, only the ones the user has specified


As before, this is a rough around the edges release. I'm working on a lot of stuff simultaneously and I can't stop and improve something. Please understand.

Consider trying this release and file bug reports for any problems or suggestions you have. Documentation can be found in the installed manpages, man meli and man meli.conf. You will unfortunately have to sign up in meli's gitea instance to file bugs though. I am considering writing a bot to transfer mails from a bug report mailing list to gitea via its API.

You're welcome to reach me via Mastodon or if you're feeling extremely enthusiastic, the meli-general@ mailing list.

You can follow meli-announce@, my mastodon account and the RSS feed for updates.