A bot that allows users to post issues on a Gitea instance without registering simply by acting as a medium.
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use serde::Deserialize;
#[derive(Deserialize, Debug)]
pub struct Config {
/** eg. meli-issues becomes [meli-issues] **/
pub tag: String,
/** your bot's authentication token from Gitea's Swagger **/
pub auth_token: String,
/** eg. for issues@meli.delivery the local part is issues **/
pub local_part: String,
/** eg. for issues@meli.delivery the domain is meli.delivery **/
pub domain: String,
/** eg. "https://git.meli.delivery" **/
pub base_url: String,
/** eg. "meli/meli" **/
pub repo: String,
/** The bot's name that will be displayed in signatures of sent replies **/
pub bot_name: String,
/** The bot's login username **/
pub bot_username: String,
/** the command to pipe an email to **/
pub mailer: String,