🐝 My patches for macos etc...
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use melib;
use melib::email::Draft;
fn build_draft() {
let mut new_draft = Draft::default();
let attachment = melib::email::attachment_from_file(&"./tests/test_image.gif")
.expect("Could not open test_image.gif.");
new_draft.set_body("hello world.".to_string());
let raw = new_draft.finalise().expect("could not finalise draft");
let boundary_def = raw.find("bzz_bzz__bzz__").unwrap();
let boundary_end = boundary_def + raw[boundary_def..].find("\"").unwrap();
let boundary = raw[boundary_def..boundary_end].to_string();
let boundary_str = &boundary["bzz_bzz__bzz__".len()..];
let raw = raw.replace(boundary_str, "");
assert_eq!(include_str!("generated_email.eml"), &raw);