🐝 My patches for macos etc...
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Manos Pitsidianakis 05d9ca6e0d
small fixes
3 years ago
addressbook Fix melib test errors 3 years ago
backends small fixes 3 years ago
email ui: add send confirmation dialog in compose tab 3 years ago
addressbook.rs contacts: add support for externally managed contacts 3 years ago
async_workers.rs Add account online status 3 years ago
backends.rs Cleanup startup error exit paths 3 years ago
collection.rs melib: change BackendOp::set_flag() signature 3 years ago
conf.rs conf: move FolderConf to melib 3 years ago
email.rs ui: move list_management mod to melib 3 years ago
error.rs ui/search: add sorting in search 3 years ago
lib.rs ui: add query parsers 3 years ago
logging.rs Add path shell expansion to logging and attachments 3 years ago
mailbox.rs melib: remove ThreadTree, use ThreadNodes for root_set 3 years ago
parsec.rs Fix some warnings 3 years ago
structs.rs melib: add into_iter() for &StackVec<T> 3 years ago
thread.rs melib: replace find_thread_group with find_root_hash 3 years ago