🐝 My patches for macos etc...
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Ludovic LANGE 66c6b62aa6
Cargo.lock: Update lexical-core version
1 year ago
command Add export-mbox command 2 years ago
components notifications: run update_xbiff even if notifications disabled 2 years ago
conf utilities/ProgressSpinner: add interval field and new spinners 2 years ago
plugins melib: don't use both {set,push}_references() 2 years ago
terminal Use default_cell in CellBuffer resize(), clear() 2 years ago
types Fix clippy lints 2 years ago
bin.rs Add configurable shortcut for 'quit' 2 years ago
command.rs Add export-mbox command 2 years ago
components.rs Add scrolling context to StatusBar 2 years ago
conf.rs Allow configuration of the sidebar divider 2 years ago
jobs.rs jobs/Timer: add set_interval() 2 years ago
mailcap.rs Remove some needless clones and stuff (thanks to Clippy) 2 years ago
managesieve.rs Replace PosixTimer with async timers 2 years ago
plugins.rs plugins: place socket in XDG_RUNTIME_DIR, not CWD 2 years ago
sqlite3.rs melib/email: remove Envelope::from_token 2 years ago
state.rs melib/datetime: add posix locale arg in timestamp_to_string() 2 years ago
terminal.rs Move Color to src/terminal/color.rs 2 years ago
types.rs Add scrolling context to StatusBar 2 years ago