experimental terminal mail client GPLv3

experimental terminal mail client GPLv3

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  1. Try an online interactive web demo powered by WebAssembly
  2. Download and install pre-built debian package, static linux binary, or
  3. $ cargo install meli how to install cargo, the rust package manager

build from source image/svg+xml

tag/alpha-0.5.1: see README file for detailed build instructions - or just do make

report bugs

why use meli

meli aims for configurability and extensibility with sane defaults.

It seeks to be a mail client for both new and power users of the terminal, but built today.

A variety of email workflows and software stacks should be usable with meli. Integrate e-mail storage, sync, tagging system, SMTP client, contact management and editor of your choice to replace the defaults.


  • email threads
  • multithreaded
  • embed your own editor
  • plain text configuration
  • multi-tasking with UI tabs
  • IMAP, Maildir, notmuch, JMAP, mbox
  • optional sqlite3 index search
  • fast and minimal account configuration
  • contact list (+read-only vCard support)
  • forced UTF-8 - other encodings are read-only

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meli mail client - alpha release 0.4.1
making a quick and dirty terminal emulator
v0.3.0 release - Now with IMAP, xbiff support
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screenshot: Threads take one row by default.
Threads take one row by default.
screenshot: Viewing a thread.
Viewing a thread.
screenshot: Compact view.
Compact view.
screenshot: Viewing a single thread. (UI not final)
Viewing a single thread. (UI not final)
screenshot: Composing replies
Composing replies